Great Guitar Solos – Pink Floyd Plays Shine You Crazy Diamond

I hope you have 25 minutes and 33 seconds to spare, because that’s how long this one is. And it has multiple guitar solos, and they are all amazing. But of course they are; it’s David Gilmour.

This one is audio only, so you don’t have to watch anything.

The first guitar solo starts at 2:09 and ends at 3:34. The second guitar solo starts at 5:11 and ends at 6:27. The third guitar solo starts at 7:34 and ends at 8:38. There some amazing little licks during the verses. Then some amazing saxophone solos. The fourth (slide) guitar solo starts at 15:43 and ends at 17:53. After the verses, there’s a really cool synthesizer solo that ends the song.

So turn off the lights, get yourself into some comfortable clothing and/or pajamas, light up a joint, pour a glass of your favorite alcohol to drink neat or on the rocks, take out your favorite picture of Syd Barrett, press play…

… and enjoy!

(It’s funny, but I could fill this series up with nothing but David Gilmour and Jimmy Page… so next week, how’s about some Jimi Hendrix?)



  1. sonofrojblake says

    The thing that often strikes me about this is how slow it is. There are no pyrotechnics, no showing off sprinting up and down the fretboard. And yet, on the occasions when someone has sufficient hubris to attempt a cover version, they never get it right. It’s so hard to pinpoint why, but while Gilmour seems to be able to conjour this stuff any time he picks up a guitar, nobody seems to be able to copy it. Oh sure, they can play all the same notes in the same order, but it’s never right. It’s most odd.

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