Blogathon Recap

Sorry for my absence. I’ve had a bit of a crisis pop up that’s been taking up a lot of my attention and head-space.

For now, here’s a quick recap of the blogathon posts, so you can find your way through them a bit easier. I’ll have a new essay or two up a little later today.

Zero Hour

An explanation of what Blogathon is, what it’s for, and why the SSA is important

1st Hour

A bit about my dream that night, and how I think the concept of “scapegoat” can lead to good questions about marginalization and oppression.

2nd Hour

A bit about the recent BC “right to die” ruling, and the TV show DaVinci’s Inquest.

3rd Hour

Thoughts on the Isis King American Apparel ad.

4th Hour

Why I hate J. Michael Stracyznski, and privileged idiots who think they know how to solve everyone else’s problems.

5th Hour

Cathy Brennan outs a teenage trans boy to his high school.

6th Hour

Feminism and sex work, and how the former should work on the latter’s behalf, not vice versa.

7th Hour

Thinking about recent accusations against Ira Gray.

Eighth Hour

Controversial thoughts on how we categorize different forms of rape, and some painful explorations of my own history.

9th Hour

Why I hate the word “junkie”.

10th Hour

Why I hate the word “panties”.

11th Hour

About heterosexual dating.

12th Hour

Sherlock Holmes and the science of abduction. And improbabilities, and, to paraphrase Tim Minchin, how people thinking more than one improbable thing happening is impossible is to severely underestimate the total number of things.

13th Hour

Thoughts on “looks like a tranny”.

14th Hour

How I became a writer.

15th Hour

Thoughts on anniversaries of the deaths of friends, and what it means to survive where others didn’t.

16th Hour

A post about cookies

17th Hour

“How I knew I was trans”, one of the stories I least like sharing, medical violence, and how I scarred and disfigured my body in an effort to be normal.

Eighteenth Hour

Some asinine thoughts on diversity in superhero comics, specifically DC.

19th Hour

About how I don’t actually like what I do, but I think that helps.

20th Hour

Learning about intellectual humility, overconfident opinions, and how lousy journalists are at accuracy.

21st Hour

Thoughts on how we use the term “neurotypical”, and coping with my own weird brain.

22nd Hour

How to write a trans character in a work of fiction without screwing up.

23rd Hour

Thoughts on my hesitancy in “sharing my story”

24th Hour

Just thank yous, a good night, and a New Order song.


  1. Rasmus says

    It looks to me like you’re about 24 posts ahead of schedule…

    It also looks like there’s been an asshole intrusion elsewhere on the network which is grabbing reader’s attentions. I wonder if there are people who’s first response when they meet a woman who’s just lost her purse to a snatcher in the street is to aggressively question her whether she’s reported the crime to the police yet, then don’t wait for her answer and then go on to make assumptions and insinuations. But I digress…

    Hope you get good news soon about whatever it is that’s wrong. I don’t know what’s gnawing at you, but bad stuff is bad generally speaking. 🙁

    • Michael says

      “I wonder if there are people who’s first response when they meet a woman who’s just lost her purse to a snatcher in the street is to aggressively question her whether she’s reported the crime to the police yet…”

      Or ask her if she’s sure she didn’t leave it at home…

  2. Naomi says

    Congratulations on completing your blogathon too Natalie, it was great to see you tackle such a wide variety of topics. They may not be worth much, but you have my best wishes as well with whatever you’re going through.
    Just as a quick question, apologies if you mind me asking, but do you have an opinion on “otherkin” in general, and their appropriation of the trans* label and trans* terms? I only ask because I stumbled across the topic of ‘otherkin’ after forgetting about it for years and, after a bit of reading to refresh my memory, otherkin and their behaviour kind of offends me both as an atheist and as a transwoman. I suppose I feel like the idea someone is somehow “mentally” or “spiritually” a mythical creature or animal is just ridiculous and (frankly) delusional, to put it bluntly. I know some people say that about trans* people too, but I’m not quite sure I can accept “species identity” is as real as “gender identity” (although I’m sure otherkin would consider such an opinion akin to homophobia or transphobia too).
    Despite this though, googling around pretty much got me nothing but people (including atheists and trans*people) defending otherkin and their behaviour as both legitimate and something beyond criticism. I’d just be curious to hear your thoughts about the whole issue, if you don’t mind me asking ^^;

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