Attack of the Killer Evolutionist

Thank you Bryan Fisher, for so neatly combining a whole lot of fundy hate thought and offering it as a reason for the Aurora horror.

With no intent to appear cynical or uncaring, there are other ways you might find less conclusive with which you can trash the laws of cause and effect you sometimes applaud.

You are concerned that liberals breed like rabbits? Their sexual behavior is like that of animals, you ignorantly opine. Believe you came from animals, and you will act like animals. This is a fool’s argument. Do you really think a butterfly will act like a worm?

Evolution is going your way. Incompetence, or purpose, among some of your fellow travelers has caused them to have 10, 12, or more children, while many liberal couples have somewhere between none and one hell of a lot less than 10. Sounds like your side is the one doing the majority of breeding, and so those genes will tend to survive and the genes of the many much more intelligent humans will die with them. This will leave those sharing your belief system to rule the planet. Dog only knows what will happen in the future (if any) evolution of humans, when their ever increasing numbers are forced by your faith to accommodate every fertilized egg as a person.

Have you no knowledge, sir, of the number of people who have committed atrocities as bad, and many much worse, than the criminal acts at Aurora? Some who have been captured said that they did their evil because it was the will of some god that they do so.

Let us for a moment accept your absurd underlying assumption that something more or less universally denounced, like murdering humans in a high school or in a movie theatre, is proximately caused because the god, or gods, in which you believe is so annoyed by something or other that we as a society, or that one subdivision of that society, did, or did not do, that the god permits, or encourages (take your choice), someone to randomly shoot a lot of fellow humans trying to watch a Batman movie.

Well, maybe the god permitted these things because we have not dealt with the reality of global warming. Maybe because we have not put forth enough effort and money to stop continental drift.

Maybe the god became outraged because we put the god’s name on the paper money, and in the Pledge of Allegiance, in direct violation of the Third Commandment. Look it up. Maybe the god did as the god did in that movie theater because some nun was caught masturbating.

Consider the case of your icon Ted Haggard, of Colorado, who has “proved,” to your uninformed fellow fanatics, the evils of those humans he calls “Gay.” This paragon of conservative truths also of course believes your absurdity that every human embryo is a human being and that gay marriage, or gay anything, is against the will of the god.

Maybe the god permitted, or encouraged, the horror at Aurora because the god finally found out that your golden boy appears to be, in fact, a cock sucker. How about that as a cause for the unrelated deaths? Tell that to your preacher and watch him right them bells.

History rings and blushes at the record of your religion consistently violating the Sixth Commandment (look it up—Protestant version). Where to start? Burning to death “heretics” and “witches,” favoring capital punishment, suggesting death as the punishment for most crimes, the Crusades (note the plural), and volumns of other really bad stuff. Dare we mention the proven rape of children by priests of the god worshiped?

Shall we mention Jonestown? Don’t know about it? See:

918 humans were murdered by Christian religious fanatics. No, I did not say you were in any way responsible for this. But how dare you claim that non-believers were responsible for Aurora?

If you must have it that a god was behind, or permitted, the murders, how do you know that the god did not do so as a result of your consistent violation of the direct command by the god, through his son and spokesperson, that you should only pray in private after you have entered your closet and shut the door. Matthew 6:6. Could it, in your world of logic, be that your kind brought death to Colorado because of your unrepentant and blatant flouting of this instruction by vigorously and proudly engaging in expressly forbidden public prayer?

Can you prove that you and your sycophants are not the cause of the tragedy?

Get out of the way! We have a universe to explore and the secrets of our existence to discover.

Your behavior in using this slaughter of the innocents to promote your vicious religious views is appalling.

Focus on your own damn family. Leave us alone!

Perhaps some, otherwise convinced of your sincerity and correct knowledge, will, as a result of this foolishness, fall away from the ranks of your followers, who are, as Jonathon Swift put it, in the voice of the King of Brobdingnag, “…the most pernicious race of little odious vermin that nature ever suffered to crawl upon the surface of the earth.”

Edwin Kagin
July 25, 2012
© 2012


  1. Randomfactor says

    Christians have used the “we’re having more children than you are so atheists will die out” argument on me, recently. I smile and tell them that we’ll take THEIR children.

    And we will. It’s happening before their eyes.

  2. Caelidh says

    Someone obviously had to take the place of Jerry Falwell. He seems to be taking up the mantle pretty well.

    Not surprised that these people would attack liberals, gays and whoever else they find offensive. Their logic is twisted and seriously uninformed.

    • JanaTheVeganPiranha says

      What’s so shocking is that they can make these kinds of claims which are in direct dispute to recorded history- as if no one will ever know!
      Gone are the days when “truth” was a statement from a religious leader! They resent this interruption of their authority, and have become mean an uncivil in their practises. They rape their own young to insure their obedience, and then pretend that isn’t “part of God’s plan”.

      We see through your stupid plan, and the rest of the world is sick and tired of being held captive o what looks by any reasonable measure to be a very large Satanic cult. You do the math.

  3. larrygrady says

    You GO Edwin!! I have never seen anyone state the facts about corruption within the xian faith as you have just done! I have read and re-read your article with much pleasure and agreement! Keep it coming!!!

  4. masqueofred says

    I hate the “Believe you came from animals, and you will act like animals” argument. Last time I checked, Christian women don’t go around acting like ribs…

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