I iz in Ur haus stealin’ Ur stuf. UPDATED.

I’ve had a rough night week month couple years. I’m feeling particularly exhausted and listless today, and yet strangely motivated to post something here. What’s a chemo-brained blogger to do?


First, I filched this haunting vid via commenter stroppy on PZ’s latest post.

While I’m at it, I think I’ll also steal my own comment on the same thread:

Dropping a PSA for all you revolutionaries, protesters and unexpected witnesses re: livestreaming video from your phone to the web. It’s a tool you’ll wish you had at your fingertips if your phone is confiscated or damaged during a police action or arrest.

This site gives a decent overview of livestreaming to various social media platforms, and Restream itself offers tech that enables streaming to multiple platforms simultaneously.

Also, ACLU’s Mobile Justice app streams directly to the ACLU or to your state’s affiliate, some of which have their own versions (e.g. New York’s “Stop and Frisk Watch” app). State laws vary, and in any case it’s clear police feel free to disregard them. Here’s a quick vid on how it works:

Please be safe. ❤︎

I also pilfered this pic from the superb Crip Dyke at Pervert Justice, because ADORBS.

very young girl in pink striking an aggressive pose on the hood and windshield of a car, with a caption that reads "Fuck the Police."

…and I haven’t even checked my Twitter, Facebook or Instagram feeds yet.




This is a good segment from Trevor Noah with several activists/authors participating. If you don’t have the time to watch the whole thing, skip to 4:14 (goes to 5:33) for a Q&A about the meaning of “Defund the Police” with Patrisse Cullors, co-founder of Black Lives Matter and founder of Reform L.A. Jails.