BREAKING: Blogger congratulates winners of 2016 World Championship Squirrel Cookoff.


On behalf of the entire management team, staff, interns, volunteers, fans, friends and menagerie here at Death to Squirrels central, I hereby offer heartfelt congratulations to the Okie Squirrel Busters from Norman, Oklahoma, winners of the 2016 World Championship Squirrel Cookoff.

There were seven states and more than 30 teams represented Saturday at the 2016 World Championship Squirrel Cookoff. Amateur and professional chefs set up dozens of tents on the Bentonville square, as thousands lined up early to dine on various recipes for cooking the fluffy-tailed rodent.

The Okie Squirrel Busters’ entry of  fried squirrel ravioli reportedly wowed the judges, netting the team the $1,000 first prize.

Other entries in this year’s competition included squirrel egg roll, squirrel etouffee, squirrel stroganoff and a fried pie filled with four-berry jam, cream cheese, sausage and minced squirrel, dipped in a sugar glaze. OMG YUM.

The World Championship Squirrel Cookoff is based in Bentonville, Arkansas. It began five years ago when a d00d named Joe Wilson organized the competition “to promote 100% organic, free range, natural Squirrel—as one of histories [sic] most important food sources” and “to expand the culinary horizon of squirrel cuisine.” What started off as a small block party has now grown into a national fundraising event for Arkansas charities.

You go, Joe Wilson.