Lie Repeatedly: Because the truth can’t even find its shoes

Have you heard about the latest round of anti-Trans hate propaganda the rightwing media are trying to disseminate as fast as possible?  The clowns in Loudon, Virginia, are claiming a “boy in a skirt” sexually assaulted a girl in a school washroom, this not long after Transgender students were finally “permitted to use” (read: no longer prevented from using) the correct washroom.

Thankfully, the Loudon County Public School District is acting professionally, not releasing information until legally permitted to do so after the cops finish their investigation (which infers the rightwing media, TERF trash and other bigots are breaking the law with their propaganda).

Loudoun School District Issues Statement on Alleged Sexual Assaults

In a written statement released today, Loudoun County Public Schools stated that, under the requirements of Virginia’s State Code, division administrators will not investigate the sexual assaults alleged to have occurred at Stone Bridge High School in May and Broad Run High School just last week, until involved law enforcement agencies have concluded their investigations.

The statement said that the district has followed state code, including the requirement that principals contact law enforcement immediately after learning of a possible felony.

“Once a matter has been reported to law enforcement, LCPS does not begin its investigation until law enforcement advises LCPS that it has completed the criminal investigation.To maintain the integrity of the criminal investigation, law enforcement requested that LCPS not interview students until their investigation is concluded,” the statement said.

The father of theStone Bridge student who was allegedly assaulted in May told Loudoun Now he has been unable to get answers from either the school district or the Sheriff’s Office.

During Tuesday’s School Board meeting, dozens of parents scorned the board and Superintendent Scott Ziegler, charging that the same student was the assailant in both incidents, and had simply been transferred to another Loudoun high school. Representatives of the school division and the Sheriff’s Office have declined to refute or confirm those claims, citing laws governing criminal investigations of juveniles.

School Board members have not publicly comment, and were told they are not permitted to do so because the matters involve ongoing criminal investigations and pending litigation.

The girl’s father Scott Smith has appeared on Fox Nuisance, “interviewed” {*ahem*} by Laura Graham (read: lobbing softballs and leading “questions”).  Smith has since been arrested for inappropriate behaviour at a school board meeting.

According to (amazingly) Fox Nuisance, the teen boy accused of assaulting the girl was wearing an ankle monitor from a previous assault in May.  That means cops already knew who he is, they know his gender identity. If the attacker were actually Trans and NOT a cis hetero male, do you really believe the cops would keep their mouths closed?  They aren’t exactly known for being pro-Trans advocates.

Virginia teen was wearing ankle monitor for prior sexual assault when he groped girl: prosecutors

A Virginia teen was wearing an ankle monitor for a prior sexual assault at his previous high school in Ashburn when he allegedly forced a girl into an empty classroom and groped her at a new school, according to prosecutors.

According to the Loudoun County sheriff’s office, the boy was 14 when he sexually assaulted a girl at Stone Bridge High School on May 28.

[. . .]

Then, on Oct. 6 at Broad Run High School in Ashburn, the same boy, now 15, allegedly forced a victim into an empty classroom, where he touched her inappropriately.

[. . .]

“The October 6, 2021 incident at Broad Run High School did not involve complex circumstances, the arrest was immediate, and the arrest was reported to the community as information released was unlikely to disclose the identity of the victim. However, the May 28, 2021 investigation was different in that the suspect and victim were familiar with each other, the investigation was complex, and a public announcement had the potential to identify a juvenile victim,” the sheriff’s office said in a statement.

Scott Smith – who appeared in a widely circulated video in an altercation with police at a Loudoun County School Board meeting – told Fox News his family was under the impression that the suspect would be detained at his home with ankle monitor, and that he would not return to school until the court process was complete.

Smith has been found guilty of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest for the incident at the board of education meeting.

This reeks of the old maxim, “A lie travels around the globe while the truth is putting on its shoes.”  The facts are NOT yet known, yet the rightwing media, TERFs, and other anti-Trans bigots and liars want their claim spread as far and as fast as possible so that no one will believe the truth when it eventually does come out.  It wouldn’t shock me if the fifteen year old boy’s “skirt” was his jacket tied around his waist.

In recent years, Taiwan had several attempted assaults and multiple attempts to hide cameras in washrooms, or attempted “upskirting” women on the street.  ALL of them involved cisgender heterosexual men, one dressing up to lurk in a toilet.  But to those with hate speech and agendas, the perpetrators being cishetero binary is irrelevant.


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    > But to those with hate speech and agendas, the perpetrators being cishetero binary is irrelevant.

    Not exactly. To those with hate speech and agendas, that distinction isn’t irrelevant, it doesn’t exist. Never forget they operate from the axiomatic unshakeable belief that we aren’t real.