Immediately Punished: The consequences were swift

As mentioned yesterday, sailors from one of Taiwan’s military vessels were found to have COVID-19 and were travelling around Taiwan, creating hotspots and exposing thousands of people.  I unknowingly went to one after they had been there (Taipei Main Station) but was likely not exposed.

Two admirals removed from posts over COVID-19 infections on ship

Taipei, April 21 (CNA) Two Navy admirals have been removed from their posts pending further investigation into responsibility for a cluster COVID-19 coronavirus infection on a naval ship that has so far left 27 people infected with the virus, the nation’s defense chief announced Tuesday.

Commander of Republic of China Naval Fleet Command Vice Admiral Kao Chia-pin (高嘉濱) and Rear Admiral Chen Tao-hui (陳道輝), head of the ROC Navy’s Friendship fleet, are being punished for negligence that resulted in the cluster infections on a vessel that was part of a flotilla that visited the Pacific island of Palau, announced Defense Minister Yen De-fa (嚴德發).

They are deemed to be responsible for the infections, as they had failed to follow regulations in carrying out pandemic prevention measures on the three-ship-flotilla that visited Palau last month, according to Yen.

Some of the crew members did not wear surgical face masks at all times during the visit to Palau. Also, the fleet commander, Chen, already knew that a number of crewmen had developed fever during the month-long trip but did not report to his superiors as he should have, Yen said.

The admirals didn’t follow protocols, and they didn’t notify their superiors?  Unlike Crozier in the US navy, these two most certainly are at fault.  Taiwan’s number of cases spiked again when it didn’t need to.  It’s inexcusable.

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Final thought:

It’s unlikely I was exposed.  The government’s monitoring system would have sent me a text message if I were.  Some people object to the government’s tracking of everyone, worried that it may not be shut off after the crisis is over.  I don’t like it either, but it’s how they have kept the situation under control.  Besides, you can always go out without your phone if you don’t want to be tracked.