Shutter Bugs: Just a quick view of life in Taiwan

Below the fold are three quick shots of life currently in Taiwan. Please don’t take this as mockery of others’ situations or boasting. I’m hoping it helps people knowing things are normal somewhere.

Tonight around 6PM, on the way home.  It’s a two lane street in a suburb, near where I work.  Behind me would be one of the local high schools.  There are barriers because of sidewalk resurfacing.

Two from Sunday afternoon around 5PM, on the way to visit a friend.  The first is from Fuxing Road, a major north/south street, the second a residential street near her apartment building.

I’ve seen people post pictures from the Philippines and it’s not good.  Everyone is supposed to stay home, but poverty is rampant and not working just isn’t an option for most people when there’s no public welfare system.  And that’s likely true in other developing countries.