Real Life Intrudes: Excuse my dust

Everything goes to hell all at once.  Excuse a month of silence, I let myself get overwhelmed.  Between Hallowe’en (five parties), local politics (a REAL Manchurian candidate seeking Taiwan’s presidency), Hong Kong constantly in the news, multiple Pride Parade events, parties for two friends departing (for one, her engagement), and human crises (the women’s support group, of which I’m now an administrator), it’s been a busy time.  And then there are the flying cars….

One side note (or snide note, if you like)…  Someone I used to know turned into a TERF about eighteen months ago, completely “red pilled” (i.e. an MRA advocate, openly racist, etc.).  I don’t know if it’s galling or laughable, but I’m told her hang out of choice now is a bar known for…unsavoury men, shall we say.  I wouldn’t go there.  It’s owned by someone from the UK would likely be a Boris Johnson and Donald Trump fan.  She no longer frequents the places that LGBTQIA people go to, so no great loss.  Good riddance, TERFy McTERFface.