“The only reason @theLindywest defends men is because men eventually started to whine like victims the way feminists do.”

This was in reference to Lindy West being a decent human being and conveying support for Shia Labeouf, due to his rape allegations.

Notice Mr RP Philosophy characterises “I was raped” as a “whine”.

Notice that a man alleging that he got raped is him sounding like a feminist or a victim – because apparently men can’t be either or both (spoiler: they can) and apparently both are bad.

Notice it can’t be that Lindy thinks defending people who are possible victims is a moral thing to do.

Notice the silence that has fallen on the manosphere when a man has been allegedly raped and feminists are the ones conveying support. Because, hey, maybe the feminists have a point about how to be decent that dudes who threaten women and support rape… don’t? Amazing.

It seems to me that if you’re going to call yourself “activists” the one thing you could do for men is support them. One thing. #YouHadOneJob

At least this continues to confirm my view that one of the worst things for men is the men’s rights movement.


  1. says

    If you need any further proof that MRAs don’t give a damn about men, here it is. They pretend to care about men when it suits their anti-feminist agenda, but they’re happy to throw male rape victims under the bus for the sake of that very same agenda.

  2. Tauriq Moosa says

    Yeah – if anything reveals they care about creating a world of women sex servants, not equality, it’s their hatred of women and animosity toward men who dare outline anything related to women. Like *gasp* being a rape survivor.

  3. says

    Yep, seems like male rape victims get the same categories everybody else gets:
    Real Victims™, whom you can easily spot because they always ride unicorns, and whiny bitches making shit up and who actually cause harm to Real Victims™, probably by giving the unicorns indigestion.