‘Walking Disaster’ review: Chapter Two

This is a chapter-by-chapter review of problematic romance novel ‘Walking Disaster’ by Jamie McGuire. Posts in the series will all be linked back to the initial post, here. ‘Walking Disaster’ is a companion novel to ‘Beautiful Disaster’, which is being snark-reviewed by the magnificent Jenny Trout.

Well, the first chapter lived up to the book’s title. I’m not holding my breath for the second one to be any better.

By the way; for those interested in keeping up with Jenny Trout’s snark-reviews of ‘Beautiful Disaster’, she now has Chapter Three up. That book isn’t getting any better either, but, as always, Jenny’s comments on it are definitely worth a read.

Back to ‘Walking Disaster’. Brace yourselves, everyone; here goes with Chapter Two. Wait, content warnings first:

  • Slut-shaming
  • Swearing (mine)
  • Swearing (Travis’s)
  • Mention of violence (only insofar as referring back to the first chapter)
  • Male main character being pushy and ignoring boundaries (yeah, what a surprise)
  • Objectification of female main character


Chapter Two: Backfire

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