Todd in the Shadows

You might have recently become aware of Todd in the Shadows as the guy who compiled James Somerton’s lies, whacking him with a steel chair after HBomberguy body slammed him from low earth orbit with the plagiarism exposé.  Todd is usually a music reviewer, with popular video series such as Train Wreckords and One Hit Wonderland.  My bf told me Todd’s Somerton video was among his most popular, which got me asking about where his other videos ranked.  I found out this one never even hit a million views, and was scandalized.

Behold, the best Todd in the Shadows video ever:


  1. says

    you gotta write what interests you, and right now if i did that i’d be trying to express why i feel like the song bin laden weed by the triple-six mafia is actually very soulful and deep.

  2. lanir says

    Sorry it’s also off topic but I saw this and thought you might appreciate it. You’ll have to watch to the end for that, however. Start at 7:20 if you want to make sure I’m right about that before you watch the first part of the video, it won’t impact the points being made.

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