Who Are We Occupying This Week?

Russia invaded Ukraine, which blows.  Murderous dickbags gonna murder.  Anyway, I’m supposed to stand in judgment of that, but I’m in a glass house.  Gotta check out the periphery before I throw Slava Ukrainis.  Who is the US military occupying this week?  Who are we raining mutilation and ruin upon?  How about our buddies, like the Saudis?  Israel?  I’ve lost track again.


  1. Allison says

    Not to mention that Russia is more or less following the playbook that the USA wrote about dealing with the people living on this continent before our (European) ancestors came and invaded it and started “ethnic cleansing” it. (And still is.)

    The only difference is that the Ukrainians are better able to resist their invaders.

  2. says

    Just because it’s hypocritical, doesn’t mean it’s unnecessary or wrong. The Russians, British and French had empires too, and not very nice or democratic ones either — does that mean they were all wrong to fight Nazi Germany?

    Also, the people who may (I hope) be deciding to take a more serious stand against Russia, aren’t exactly the same people who got us into quagmires like Afghanistan and Iraq.

  3. KG says

    So the Ukranians should be left to the mercy of Putin because the USA has also committed crimes of aggression and imperialism. Got it.

  4. says

    Just because it’s hypocritical, doesn’t mean it’s unnecessary or wrong.

    True, but it refutes the claims that it is done for good reasons, by demonstrating that the claims are false. It might accidentally happen to be the case that fighting Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a good idea, but our reasoning for doing so is placed in doubt because, obviously, we are willing to deploy that reasoning falsely.

  5. says

    KG – that’s a fair interpretation of this post, but not my intent. i don’t really have a position. i’m appalled that anybody is nasty enough to start a war. putin is a huge piece of shit, hope he dies painfully. but as i think that, i’m like, this feels different from the outside. normally, i’m a citizen of the country that is capriciously bringing horror to others. it’s just this queasy dismal static in the background of our lives. then this fucko halfway around the world does a similar move, and i can see it with a clarity i don’t see from here. why does the horror of war feel more real when another country is doing it? and srsly, who are we invading this week? i did, in fact, lose track.

  6. StevoR says

    Whoever we mght be ocupying this week; occuping and invding other peoples always gunna be wrong.


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