What to Say, What to Say

I have a few sticks in my craw lately and don’t know which of them I should post about, or if posting about them would just rile me up worse.

One, Apartheid Beneficiary Musk letting famous transphobic inquisitors look at your DMs.  That put me in mind of the way cisheterofash always accuse LGBT+ people of being pedophiles, and the way actual pedophiles get nothing like this level of persecution from them.  Actual pedophiles are incredibly commonplace.  We all know them, they’re in every community.  They would not be hard to hound in this way, to be exposed and have their privacy invaded, to be threatened from all corners.  And yet, where is that?  Oh yeah, it’s somehow different for right wingers when it’s their dad, their brother, their pastor, their football coach.  Somehow he’s the one who can be saved if you just let him off the hook this one time with a promise to be different and never do that thing again.

Two, given how my boyfriend’s life has been enriched by using AI art, the prevalence of irrational and uninformed luddism in that discourse is especially depressing and infuriating.  On this site, at least, people pride themselves on being skeptical thinkers.  I thought I might leverage that to spread the word about how unfounded the AI hater’s main points are.  But focusing on that at the moment?  I dunno.

What do you like to see me write about?  What’s your preferred GAS content?



    Expand on topic 1 – not just the pedophiles, but the conundrum people face when someone they consider valuable in their life has a big time flaw. Include that perhaps part of that is turning on disliked people to show that they really do condemn that kind of flaw, while preserving their own kin/business partner/priest/etc.

  2. moarscienceplz says

    GAS, write about whatever YOU find interesting. I won’t always comment, but I will read it. When PZ switched from zebrafish research to spiders I was very disappointed, but after several of his almost breathless posts about them, they are starting to appeal to me. I can become interested and even enthusiastic about almost any subject if someone will tell me what THEY find so interesting about it. Only, it just might take a dozen posts before you pique my interest.

  3. moarscienceplz says

    Oh, also, try to emulate PZ’s habit of posting something every day. Even if it’s just that your favorite houseplant died, you will increase your audience only if you feed them regularly.

  4. says

    Good advice. Our mans Abe Oceanoxia is pursuing that path. Fortunately the growth of my blog is not critical to me in life right now, got a day job and the luxury to do what I need when I need. Also, unlike some folks for whom missing a few days would turn into a “thing,” I feel pretty casual about dropping in and out.

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