A Fistful of Justice

Justice is a human construct.  The Universe does not have an inherent sense of right and wrong.  Karma is nonsense, heaven and hell moreso.  But sometimes we luck out, and things happen that look to us like nature making things right.

Five conservative radio hosts – all people who spread deadly misinformation about covid – have died of covid.  Of them, as you may have heard, Phil Valentine died in the most brutal, drawn out, and excruciating way of the lot.  His fellow radio recipients of coincidental justice were Tod Tucker, Marc Bernier, Dick Farrel, and Jimmy DeYoung.

In other good news, disgraced fascist demagogue Baby Milo got covid and poisoned himself with ivermectin.

For a LOT of additional examples of people dying for conservative identity politics, check out the reddit COVIDAteMyFace.  How do you feel about the ethics of this kind of reportage?  I feel like these stories need to be spread as much as possible, for the sake of the dicks that are dying.  If all they care about is owning the libs, maybe they’ll get smart and mask/vax up – if they see that doing otherwise is fielding the opposite result.


  1. John Morales says

    There is a certain satisfaction to be had reading about such karmic consequences.

    (One would have to be a saint to not feel that)

  2. lanir says

    Well… It might have the result that they take it more seriously. Although I think it’s more likely that even a very bland and unembellished mention of the facts around their deaths would be portrayed by any of the remaining assholes as celebrating it. These types aren’t subtle and they assume their audience is **censored by GAS** enough to lose at tic-tac-toe against a half-blind, sleeping dog that isn’t even playing the game. Most days I think they’re wrong about that… but that’s only because most days I don’t deal with any conservatives.

  3. says

    I feel absolutely unashamed glee. These people are a danger to everyone else, they were doing nothing but harm during their lives with their hateful rhetoric and **censored by GAS**ic propaganda. That they died from an illness they were denying exists is nothing but great news among the bad.

  4. StonedRanger says

    I wont celebrate their deaths, but I wont mourn them either. They got what they asked for. Its just a bit sad that people will do this to themselves just to prove a point that doesnt exist.

  5. says

    I’d rather if instead of dying, they got horribly sick and survived to share the lesson they learned. I feel like death is a very harsh punishment, and it’s hard to enjoy when I think about how death could also visit someone close to me. But, it’s not for me to mourn their deaths–let their loved ones do it.

  6. GerrardOfTitanServer says

    I’d spread this news as far and as wide as I could under the assumption that it might actually get some of these fools to listen and protect themselves and others, and because I see very little harm that is being done by spreading these stories.

    Social pressure is a very strong thing, and necessary too. We need to cultivate a certain amount of social pressure for people to do the right thing. The same applies here.

    OP, what’s the potential problem that you see? Because I’m not seeing it.

  7. says

    I don’t think I alluded to a potential problem, but I could imagine a few for rhetorical purposes. Is it worth the effort? Probably not. I wish there was a way to put plaster these all over every town square in rural america.

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