Another Anime Girl

U kno u want it. It’s the famous Flora dans le galaxie étincelante, of Distorsion céleste fame. Never heard of it? We’re writing books that are, in part, about anime that never existed. Both this and the last one were made in sharpie ink on poster paper, though the other one was sweetened in photoshop compared to this.


  1. Numenaster, whose eyes are up here says

    I’m seriously impressed that you composed that with Sharpie ink.

  2. says

    Composed? No, just rendered. Here’s the composition techniques:

    Anime waifu face generated by remixing art on the website, outfit made separately on same site with a different tool. Might sound cheap, but it takes skill to get unique and interesting results out of that tool. My bf did that part, then…

    Assembled face and outfit in photoshop, along with images of space generated in artbreeder, fresh design elements, title introduced at that stage. The collage wasn’t taken to the stage of a final render of its own – the artbreeder elements were kinda messy and abstract still.

    A line art version was created in photoshop with careful use of filters and tweaking. I took that version and put it up on our TV with an hdmi cable, where I painstakingly traced it onto the poster.

    Refined the image and colored it in sharpie, using the color version of the collage as a guide. Because the sharpies have a much more limited range of color than photoshop, I had a lot of tricky decisions to make. The light colors were the worst, and to achieve some of those I flipped the paper and colored on the back for bleed through.

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