Return of the Mikla

Kælan Mikla has a new video debuting like seven hours from the time of this post. I’ll be sleeping, then rushing to work, and unable to truly dig it til Friday evening. Kælan Mikla is a divisive band, with some of the most shrieky lady vocals out there. They’ve veered hard into gothy territory on recent albums and by the design of this thumbnail I expect more of the same. Will this be more chilled out, or still have the shrieks? No idea. Anyway, these girls always amuse and entertain me with their earnest ice witch theatrics. Lemme know if you love or hate them, as by the time you see this post, you can find out for yourself.


  1. lorn says

    As a confirmed Florida boy; my thoughts:

    Damn, girls. Aren’t you freezing.
    That wind has to cut like a knife.
    I love the sea, but not so much with ice.
    For me, cold is any temperature too low to easily spread butter. 81F is just about right.

    I assume that, just out of the shot, you have a trailer with a heater putting out absolutely volcanic levels of warmth. A sauna, possibly the finest gift of the north, would be nice.

    The music is nice. A bit pretentious for my taste. Reality, walking the dogs and picking up poop, tends to cause the foreboding and gloom to evaporate. Seriousness and doom is fine, to a point. But past that point, I tend to get the giggles.

  2. says

    Finally watched it! Not shabby. They still at it. Some people say, bitches be shoppin’. I say, bitches be casting spells and waving swords at the midnight sun. Good times.

  3. says

    Thanks for posting this! I heard this band recently on a YouTube playlist and wanted to hear more, but the playlist author managed to misspell their name in a way that defeated my Google-fu 🙁

  4. says

    Every interview people do with them has to hit certain points (I’m sure tedious for the girls), which might help googling: Their first show was a poetry slam event at a library, and they only decided to become a band after people responded well to that and asked for more. They were largely self-taught as musicians, most of that learning coming after they had already started doing shows, which is pretty funny. And they once got an email from Robert Smith of The Cure, assuming it was fake until their agent verified it, inviting them to perform at a Cure anniversary festival.

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