Fuck the DA

Kamala Harris sucks.  She lost out in the primaries specifically because her cruelty corruption and hypocrisy were on easy display for anyone with a marginally lefty social media feed.  Denying trans prisoners medical care, going “tough on crime” which has been a fig leaf for suppressing the black vote since the Clintons were doing it, and trying to repaint herself more softly for the presidential bid.  Gross.  Choosing her was a direct rebuke of Black Lives Matter and progressives in general – it was a canny calculation.

Because Biden wants to present his commitment to centrism as a strong, non-negotiable position.  He wants us to know we can go get fucked, we’re going to vote for him just to stave off the apocalypse for an extra two minutes, and we’ll have to accept more corporate and military welfare and racist oppression and just generally eat the shit directly from blue dog democrat assholes.

He’s right.  I’m going to vote for them.  Anyone who believes individual human lives matter will vote Biden-Harris, unless they’re a delusional asshat or a rethuglican plant.  Because need I remind you?  It doesn’t matter how many people will be directly or indirectly murdered by Biden-Harris governance, the number will be less than it would be under Trump-Pence.

One of that set of assholes will take the presidency.  You have some amount of human lives in your hand on this deal.  Will you save ten thousand people?  Forty-thousand?  A hundred thousand?  The exact numbers are impossible to know.  But it will definitely be a positive number.  I would vote for these fucking pigs to save the lives of ten people.

If you wouldn’t, and you feel the need to either deny that’s what this is, or to say that you wouldn’t, come take a shit in my comment section so I can ban you and delete your comments.  And if the melting codcake and the fucking DA win in November, if you’ll join me in helping them win, then I hope you will also join me in making their fascist little lives hell.

It ain’t over ’til it’s over.  Long live the fighters.


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    ::passes industrial sized litter scooper::

    You’re probably going to need that.

    I’m with you. Not happy about the choice, for the obvious reasons, but Biden/Harris is less likely to start WW3.

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    WW 3, reduced social services, more life-ruining judges appointed, more murderous abortion restrictions, empowered right wing terrorists have proven to be more dangerous than when they feel more ostracized, shit like that. So many ways rethuglican policies kill.

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    As I’ve noted elsewhere, Biden is not any progressive’s first choice. He is, however, not actively committed to the project of schlorping ALL THE MONEY into the bank accounts of the 0.1%; not actively committed to the project of eradicating anything that might prove to be even a mild impediment to that first project; and not actively committed to replacing quaint ideas like “truth” and “expertise” with pure tribal allegiance. In addition, Biden can actually be persuaded to change his mind.

    These are not small things.

    Progressives will, of course, have to keep on working for genuinely progressive goals, because Biden sure ain’t going to take the lead on anything of the kind. However, he’s also not likely to actively oppose progressive goals that have a sufficient level of grassroots support behind them. So… for progressives, a Biden presidency is pretty much “business as usual”, because when have progressives ever not had to work their asses off to get shit done? On the other hand, a second Trump term might just be an extinction-level event for progressive politics and policies in the US.

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