I Know What You’re Thinking, Biden Dems

Obams=good. Obams like Joe. Joe=good. Bring back time when president nice.

Alternately – and more venal –

Obams=economy good. Economy=my personal comfort. Joe=successor to Obams. Make economy good.

This is the thinking of people who wish they could vote for Bill Clinton again. At least he made the economy good. Therefore your retirement fund is less scary. It’s the safe choice.

Except it isn’t. Conservative dems are going to be like that Trudeau up in Canada. Make nice words while they line their pockets with money from petroleum, prison labor, and the war machine.  Burn down the world to make a little gold.

Don’t you give even a tenth of a shit about your children? Choke on your binkies you adult babies.


  1. says

    I’m not saying that you’re wrong about all Biden dems, but I was wondering about people of color, especially Black folk, voting for Biden.

    It seems that a strong sense of loyalty has been important to getting any victories won in the South, and while Republicans might have had Black loyalty down south before 1950, loyalties were divided from 1950-1959 and shifted strongly in favor of the Democrats in the 1960s. Whatever we might think of Bernie, and whatever we might think of the downsides of Democratic loyalty, if you’re in a place where you’re under fire and Democrats have been the only flag around which you or anyone you love has been able to rally around for protection for 60 years now, I think it makes sense for Black folk under 77 years of age to reward the white people that are actually loyal to the group that protects them.

    Bernie is great in many ways, but one thing he sure as hell isn’t is loyal to the Democratic party. Now, I don’t know squat about Black politics generally, and Black politics in the South especially, but the superficial logic of gathering together for protection and doing more to help the people who stay with you in your protective group over the long haul, not just run in when it’s convenient, that makes sense.

    So I’m not pronouncing judgement on anything, but it might be a good idea to do a little research on what I’ve been told is true, see if maybe it can be verified. Because if it can, then your analysis probably fails pretty hard for a large segment of voters that are very important to the Democratic party.

  2. brucegee1962 says

    I agree with Crip Dyke. Biden wasn’t in my top three choices when all this started, but if he ends up as the nominee, I’m going to try to muster up every scrap of enthusiasm I can find for him. People whom I respect seem to like him, and the alternative is simply too horrible to contemplate.

  3. says

    In 2016, democrat “leadership” rigged the nomination andrammed Clinton down everyone’s throats. Voters were so disgusted they voted for Cheetolini.

    Now they’re trying to do it again. The only reason Biden could win is voters realizing what a collosal mistake they made. If this were 2016, Biden would definitely lose.

  4. says

    I wish Leni Riefenstahl were still with us and I had enough $ to commission her to make a film entitled “the triumph of the barely adequate.”

  5. brucegee1962 says

    @3 Intransitive

    In 2016, democrat “leadership” rigged the nomination and rammed Clinton down everyone’s throats. Voters were so disgusted they voted for Cheetolini.

    You made a strong claim here, so I checked my Google to see if you were right. According to this article on NPR, https://www.npr.org/2017/08/24/545812242/1-in-10-sanders-primary-voters-ended-up-supporting-trump-survey-finds
    you were. It said that 12% of Bernie voters went on to vote for Trump, and this number was large enough to swing the totals in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania — and thus the election.

    It’s also noteworthy that the article found these voters to be at least somewhat racist — at least to the point of almost half of them disagreeing with the statement that “white people have advantages.”

    The brutal fact is that, however we progressives may feel, Biden is just more popular among the majority of Democrats — especially the large and vital African American constituency. The fallback argument I’m hearing from some Bernie supporters is “You should vote for our candidate because we’re all sore losers,” but I don’t think that’s a bird that’s going to fly very far.

    Now there’s a narrative going around that the DNC had their thumb on the scale again. I’m suspicious of this narrative because a) I don’t really think the DNC has that much power, b) polls have shown all along that Sanders had a ceiling, and the voting confirmed that, c) the DNC was perfectly aware of what happened last time, and has plenty of incentive to avoid that mistake, and most especially d) this is a narrative that is being pushed hard by Trump himself, and anybody who credits anything coming out of his tweety mouth at this point isn’t someone whose opinion we should value. We all know by this time that getting large numbers of people to believe counterfactuals with no evidence seems to be his superpower, so if we find ourselves agreeing with him on anything, we ought to be super vigilant and assume we’ve fallen down one of his many rabbit holes.

  6. says

    Black people I’ve heard talk about it are often the first to say they’d vote for Bill Clinton if they could, despite his time exploiting antiblack racism to score moderate points and doing a lot to expand prison labor. Anyone can be ignorant. Biden is shit, he is going to lose. Would Bernie have lost? Could be. But if what BG is saying is true about racist berniebros, he could have been more likely to swing ignorant fuckos from the cheeto side. Guess we’ll never know now.

  7. silverfeather says

    It’s true that when you add Southern PoC to the narrative it complicates things. However, going hand in hand with reporting on their strong sense of loyalty to the dem party for survival reasons is reporting that Southern PoC skew pretty conservative on the whole. Also that the black vote is split pretty strongly along age lines with younger black people supporting Sanders.
    It really seems to me that a big part of why we’re apparently going to end up with Joe “status quo” Biden is that the (moderate/scared) old folks voted in lockstep and the young folks didn’t turn out, for whatever reason, in high enough numbers to counter them. And now we all get to deal with the consequences. Again.

  8. silverfeather says

    Also, @brucegee1962 #5:
    There were also a lot of past Obama voters that went for Trump, as well as a large number of dem voters that were so disgusted by their options that they left the top of the ballot blank and only voted downticket in the race. Blaming it solely on disgruntled Sanders voters is inaccurate. Many, many people refused to hold their noses and vote for the “lesser of two evils”.
    If the dems win this time, it will be because more voters are afraid of Trump.

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