Under the Sign of the Rabbit

I got this job about a year ago.  Used to see rabbits about every day there.  Less so in the winter, but I still see them sometimes.  On the way to catch the bus in the dark, the streetlights silhouette a tree stump making it look like a rabbit.  Above is the moon.  Across the ocean there’s some people who say there’s a rabbit in that celestial body.  Stopped to get a new litterbox for my cat.  The place in the store that normally has cats to adopt only had rabbits.  My favorite movie of 2019 had prominent rabbits.  This wasn’t that movie, but it’s a pretty good depiction of the mood in life.


  1. vucodlak says

    Do you, by chance, listen to The Birthday Massacre? I ask because their official art is ALL THE (mostly purple) RABBITS. And also people with rabbit ears. Sometimes skeletons with rabbit ears. Creepy toy rabbits. Shadow rabbits. Rabbits. The word “rabbits” is starting to look weird to me.

    Anyway, what I’m saying is: If you were looking for more rabbits, you could do a lot worse than The Birthday Massacre. Their visual art, that is- I don’t think they have any songs about rabbits.

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