Inktober 2018 Drop

I’ve just got the first 8 days. I’m not going to put a proper visual caption on these. They’re OK for a bit of visual distraction if you can see, but they just aren’t worth the effort to describe. It’s so much digital ephemera. For this (my first) Inktober, I’m combining the Monsters & Mythology prompts plus the Official Prompts.

Going with the spirit of Inktober I didn’t allow myself much digital work. For example, I allowed myself no additional strokes or distortion / warping. I don’t have every color in the universe, pen-wise, so I did allow myself subtle use of adjusting contrast, hue, saturation, brightness.

You can still tell I did the under-drawing for all of these with a yellow sharpie, so I couldn’t erase it. I think that kinda stuff looks fun in a drawing but I know some people hate it, so sorry about that.

Allow me to use this opportunity to call out the official Inktober writers for being cheesy bastids, turning the phrase “roasted chicken“ into two separate prompts and using another to complain this job makes them “exhausted.” Proceeding thus,

inktober 1st 2018

This is “Tatzelwurm” + “Poisonous.” This is inspired by my cat Hecubus. He’s a long boy.

inktober 2nd 2018

This is “Nue” + “Tranquil.” Possibly NSFW for tanuki balls. Hey, I had to show the nue has a tanuki torso somehow. The nue is supposed to make noises so scary it makes you fall ill. My notion is that to the nue and friends, those sounds are actually nice.

inktober 3rd 2018

This is “Cockatrice” + “Roasted.” Possibly triggery for cruelty to cockatrices. It takes a lady who can kill with her eyes to cook a bird that can kill with its own.

inktober 4th 2018

This is “Kelpie” + “Spell.” She’s getting someone under her spell, if that’s not apparent enough. 😛

inktober 5th 2018

This is “Banshee” + “Chicken.”

inktober 6th 2018

This is “Ghillie Dhu” + “Drool.” The ghillie dhu usually helps a lost young maiden find her way home. This one got tore back, requiring some role reversal.

inktober 7th 2018

This is “Bukavac” + “Exhausted.” The bukavac is yet another spirit that drowns people, but is a little weirder than the usual horse, maiden, or geezer. This one has exhausted his ammunition. Oops. In other things, this is my least favorite I’ve done yet. I’m just including it for completeness.

inktober 8th 2018

This is “Brownie” + “Star.” This is one brownie that had a star-themed energy beverage and is going berserk on the broom.

I liked this one well, and it’s special to me because the brownie is inspired by my late cat Mochi. He was a brown tabby and I used to call him “Brownie.” When he was healthy enough to run around I’d say he was a “Brownie-in-Motion,” a play on Brownian motion.

More to come later possibly!


  1. says

    These are cool, nice combination of prompts. The kelpie is great and i love the colours and the fish are just great. I’ve really enjoyed seeing all the inktober art from various artists.
    I only got a few days in this year before I stopped (not drawing just with the prompts)

  2. says

    obscurefox – thanks! as I said, the color straight out the pen wasn’t the loveliest, so I did adjust it a bit in photoshop. is it cheating? anyhow, you should link your biz here. this is the place!

    avalus – your phrasing is unfortunately similar to a spam bot, which is vexing. thanks, if you’re real!

  3. avalus says

    Oh, well that was not intentional but I did not know what else to say. I lurk over at Affinity most of the time, but I am not shure, if I am really that real, I’d rather wake up from this nightmare.

    As to your question: I do not think it is cheating. Its just another tool.

  4. says

    I believe you now, avalus. An example of what I was talking about, from one of my spambots: “Very interesting subject, thanks for posting.” Sounds cordial, but unspecific. See what I mean? Heh.

  5. avalus says

    Yes, I do now. But with a language barrier (german-english), I often do not think about my writing sounding generic. Annoying spambots!

  6. avalus says

    Thank you but no, I have no art that I feel comfortable to share. But I sometimes submit photographs of nature to Affinity 🙂

    You know, I just discovered the rabbit in the moon behind the banjo playing tanuki. Wonderfully hidden in plain sight, I had to laugh.

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