1. wereatheist says

    I. a German living in Germany, get mails asking me for a contribution to the GOP cause.
    I guess this tells me that ‘artificial intelligence’ isn’t really a thing.

  2. wereatheist says

    I mean, a real ‘AI’ should know that I am German, and not an American expat. It further should know that I am a lefty. I’d rather vote for the RCP of the US than for the GOP.

  3. says

    Sie wollen mein Herz am rechten Fleck
    Doch sehe ich dann nach unten weg
    Da schlägt es links

    …if I got that right.

    This thing is worse than a spam email, unfortunately. We had a cell phone with a defunct sim card in it that somehow received this message. Makes me wonder if they’re basically testing the ability to use executive power to shut down all communication when the revolution happens.

    I don’t know much about tech stuff, so correct me if i’m wrong, somebody pleeeze.

  4. springa73 says

    Is this any different from the emergency alerts I would occasionally get about potential floods and tornadoes? I think those are worthwhile.

  5. lanir says

    I dont think SIM cards are required for 911 service. Ostensibly being an emergency service, this probably uses the same routes.

    I didn’t get this particular notice because I have notifications for test alerts tturned off. It my be in a different area on your system but for a fairly default android build it’s uunder Setup –> select “… More” under Wireless & networks –> Emergency broadcasts –> unchecked the box near “Show ETWS test broadcasts”

    Please don’t turn off anything else in there unless you fully understand what you’re doing and the scope of what those alerts are used for.

  6. wereatheist says

    Look, it’s just a service by the TelCo which issued your simcard to let you receive messages long after you were no longer able to call anvbody. And the “conservative” (no, they don’t conserve anything) spambot just dials every possible national number.
    They have no idea who you are, or what you beleive. Relax (a little).

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