Who Loves the Wachowski Speed Racer Movie?

Somebody has to. Maybe you saw it as a child and it totally worked for you? I wanna know. One thing about the Wachowski sisters, they like to try something new. I think the movie was an ambitious failure, but had a lot of gusto. Some of it worked. Just, as a whole? Too gotdam zany for 99% of the human species. I’d love to hear somebody talk about it fondly, or tell me about someone they know who likes it. I think the effort deserves at least a few fans. Who are they?

Here’s one positive review from Emily Asher-Perrin. I want more.


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    I saw it for the first time a few days ago on HBO / on demand, thought it was fun.

    I could have done without the monkey poo, but even the kid+chimpanzee hijinx were pretty fun outside of that. I read at least one review where someone said they thought it seemed perverted, like, too much vinyl or something. For me the most depraved part was the weird viking trio eating sausages voraciously, when they got bribed to attack Speed Racer with a treasure chest full of furs – which they proceeded to rub on their faces aggressively. I was thinkin, this is symbolic of being a pansexual nymphomaniac. Good times.

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