The Bigots Behind the Curtain

I wrote this in frustration on my social justice tumblr, in regards to the spate of transphobic “bathroom laws”:

has no one reported on why these transphobic laws are all coming at the same time?  it’s obvious there’s an organized effort behind it, either in the inner circle of the repugnican party, or in some kind of think tank that all the dominionist theocrats are taking their marching orders from.  this is important information, this is an obvious question to ask.  i can’t be the only person thinking of this.

BAM!  Thank you CBS!  (And thanks to commenter kestrel over at New Frontier.)  It’s “Liberty Counsel,” who are listed by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group.   So if you feel overwhelmed by the outpouring of transphobic hatred coming from over a dozen states at the same time, if it feels like the all this hate and horror is growing naturally out of who we are as a culture, remember:

This was specifically planned, organized, and executed by one group of motherfuckers.  It couldn’t have happened without the transphobia of our culture, but it isn’t a spontaneous natural occurrence.  It’s an active campaign by the cisheterofascist lawyer equivalent of the KKK.  Spread the word.  This, by the way, is the head bastard of the team.  You can find a picture of his horrible ass comforting tearful bigot Kim Davis on the CBS article.

fucking mathew staver

      Mathew Staver is a shit-eating bigot.

EDIT to add, Affinity had the news up before I did. Check that thread out for discussion on the topic.


  1. Great American Satan says

    I think it’s mostly that they’re willing to do the legwork of research, study, and drafting the new legislation so it has the best chance of getting through. I imagine they put all the nasty laws together on their time and dime, then just present it to the jeezis party lawmakers gift-wrapped. They are no doubt loaded out the ass on megachurch dollars, being affiliated with Liberty University which was founded by Jerry the Late Fucking Horrible Falwell – and since as a non-profit group they have special tax status.

  2. says

    So it’s kind of like when Sun Microsystems and Oracle funded the US DOJ’s lawsuit against Microsoft. 😉 Who’d’a thunk the justice system was so easy to scam.

    There’s great room here for trolling politicians. Create an action group, hire Charles Carreon to write some legal briefs for you, then get the politicians to trustingly pass laws based on the briefs, and watch them get exploding egg on their faces.

  3. lorn says

    Ah … someone noticed.

    Of course the Liberty Counsel coordinates many such efforts. As does The Heritage Foundation. The Trans-phobia and attacks on Planned Parenthood were all timed and scheduled to create a narrative of Christianity under attack as America slides into perdition. According to some this is designed to create a swell of patriotic religiosity that sweeps Cruz into office so he can bring America back to Jesus and restore the covenant by redoubling our commitment to God (as per Dominionism, or as close to that as they can get)

    Yes, Clinton was right. There is a vast right-wing conspiracy. The fact is there are several of them. Often playing off each other. At other time competing.

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