How to do a bathroom bill properly



The Liberal government is set to announce next week that it will propose legislation that would give legal and human rights protections to transgender people, following through on a pledge made during the federal election campaign.

In his mandate letter, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau asked Wilson-Raybould [the Minister of Justice] to make it a priority to introduce legislation “to add gender identity as a prohibited ground for discrimination under the Canadian Human Rights Act, and to the list of distinguishing characteristics of ‘identifiable group’ protected by the hate speech provisions of the Criminal Code.”

“Our government is committed to bringing forward legislation that will respect and ensure that we eliminate discrimination in all forms in this country,” she said on Tuesday.

Trudeau, you so full of contradictions. In one breath, selling weapons to the oppressive Saudi regime, in the next, affirming human rights for trans Canadians. Make up your mind.



  1. says

    Bathroom bills aren’t the only issue that Trudeau needs to address and fix. Unless something has transpired that I don’t know about (*), transpeople still can’t change our gender on legal documents or get a passport without proof of genital surgery, as if that has anything to do with gender identity.

    I’m applying to get a British passport for that reason, no need for proof other than a doctor’s diagnosis of being transgender. I don’t wamt to be a British citizen, but I do want legal documents so I can live, travel and work as a woman. Canada is a signitor to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) which means it has already agreed to provide gender neutral passports as the UK, Australia, Nepal and a few others already do. New legislation isn’t required – Ottawa simply isn’t doing what the country has already agreed to do.

    (* I’ve been overseas 15 years, so I’ve missed out on a lot, but can tell you first hand that employees in embassies, consulates and trade offices put in no more than the bare minimum of effort, and employees in Ottawa put in zero effort. The farther you are from Ottawa, the less accountable they think they are if they don’t do their jobs. And the harder it is to hold them accountable.)

    chigau (#1) –

    He already has. He signed the unethical law that criminalizes BDS and factual reporting of Israel’s war crimes.

  2. Siobhan says

    GRS is not required to modify legal documents in BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and most recently, Saskatchewan. The Federal government hasn’t forced the issue, certainly, but some Provincial governments have removed any GRS requirements. The far East and the Territories remain either silent or antagonistic, however with the Federal government adding gender identity & expression to the list of protected entities, those Provinces may be obligated to update their procedures. Or, more likely, they’ll wait until they get sued. We’ll see.

    I got mine changed by swearing an affirmation (not an oath!) at the registry (Alberta), but that was all they needed.


    He already has. He signed the unethical law that criminalizes BDS and factual reporting of Israel’s war crimes.

    As I said. Full of contradictions. :/

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