‘Twas Kansas, and the Christian folks
Did decorate their public schools
With Sallman’s print “the head of Christ”
Against our nation’s rules

“Beware the ‘evolution kids’!
The lawyers; the FFRF!
The civil libertarians—
Just act like you are deaf!”

The portrait, in its honored place
Beside the sacred fire alarm
Had rested there for decades, as
The district’s rustic charm

And as it hung and gathered dust
A parent saw, and dropped a dime
The local Christians huffed and puffed
But who would blink this time?

One-two! One-two! The emails flew,
And grew into a thicker stack!
The lawyer said “remove His head,
And never bring it back”

And if you wish to see Christ’s head
Go to a church; you’ll find it there—
Though some are like to take offense
I frankly do not care

‘Twas Kansas, and the Christian folks
Did decorate their public schools
With Sallman’s print “the head of Christ”
Against our nation’s rules

It’s deja vu all over again; a town in Kansas is mourning the loss of their beloved (thus sacred) but totes not religious (cos that would violate the establishment clause) picture of Jesus, removed from the schoolhouse wall after consulting with the school’s lawyer regarding a complaint from a parent through the FFRF. Virtually an identical situation to Jackson, OH a couple of years ago–a situation which ended up costing Jackson $95,000 before it was over.

But the fun comes in the comments (protip: never read the comments!), where we can see the isolated strains of ideologies that the internet supports. Over at Wonkette, there is great joy and much snark, while at The Blaze there is tearing of hair and gnashing of teeth. And the thing is, there was the exact same tearing of hair and gnashing of teeth two years ago, when it was Jackson, and the exact same before that with Cranston. The Blaze’s commenters live in a bubble where legal precedent dare not show its face.

Seriously, go read the comments (never read the comments!)! Just a few–and be secure in the knowledge that, at least this time, the right side won.

(Oh–and my favorite bit was in one student’s defense of the portrait: ““Nobody else in the school seemed to be bothered by it. There were only one or two evolution kids and they didn’t seem to be bothered by it.” Evolution Kids. We need a T-shirt. “Evolution Kid”. The new “evil little thing”.)

Cuttlecap tip to Dana, via twitter.


  1. wcorvi says

    OOH! OHH! Why couldn’t Arizona thought of that? It could have put to good use all those wasted dollars we ‘throw at education’.
    A few years ago, our legislature mandated that every classroom have an American flag in it. There wasn’t adequate projection equipment in most of them, but what the hell? A picture of jesus could have paid lawyers LOTS of that money wasted paying teachers.

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