April 18–National Poem In Your Pocket Day

I suck at this not-posting stuff. But as long as I don’t have to write anything new, it’s sorta serving the same function.

So this is just a reminder that today is Poem In Your Pocket day.

And this is really the perfect poem to carry in your own pocket.


  1. says

    Remember a poem in the head
    Is worth two in the pocket.

    (Though my wife does get a bit Arrrrgh!-ish when I have a bad attack of recite-from-memory-athon.)

  2. rikitiki says

    This old one of mine seems fairly appropriate today –

    Domestic Violence

    He’s the man who cuts your hair,
    Shaves your face with sharpened blade.
    She’s the girl who reads your children stories,
    Sitting in the shade.
    He’s the cabby on the street,
    She’s the girl you used to know,
    And they’ll use a point to make a point,
    A sledge to strike a blow.
    They’re the dark-side of ourselves,
    Demonic Dillingers of hate.
    ‘Cause it’s high-noon with no heroes,
    And the hour is getting late.
    They’ll shoot down their opposition
    Because god has told them to,
    And slash their cutting commentaries
    While we wonder what to do.

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