It Was The Church

I was going to write a long diatribe… but honestly, the simple story is more moving than any framing I could possibly give it. I am late to the table when it comes to this story. But, frankly, to let that stop me from saying something would be wrong. People should be stopping each other on the street to tell one another this is wrong. Which, in some places… they are. And, no, it isn’t even close to an over-reaction.

When a tragically dying fetus was threatening the life
Of Rick Santorum’s wife

They performed what, without the Catholic church’s (and the Santorum family’s) quite understandable contortion
Was an abortion

Which saved the life of the mother.
You might have thought that the lessons learned from this incident might perhaps be applied to another.

But not so much.
Because the Catholic Church, in Ireland and around the world, is out of touch.

And when they feel the absolute control they exert over their subjects start to slip
They tighten their grip

So yes, when Savita died—died!—because a hospital refused to perform a routine but life-saving procedure in deference to religious proscriptions, a decision which should, now and forever, be for the hospital an unending source of shame
And you’re wondering who to blame

You don’t have far to search—
It was the church.


  1. Brian Lynchehaun says

    I say the following as an Irish citizen who was resident in Ireland for the first 26 years of his life:

    I appreciate the point that you’re making here, but the culpability is entirely on the side of the Government of Ireland, and the doctors who refused to perform life-saving surgery.

    While Irish law was generally formed in line with Catholic Church teachings, the Church’s hand hasn’t been at the tiller for quite a while (the bulk of my life, as a point in fact). The Irish Government has (quite recently) taken some very strong anti-Papal actions, so to contrast that with this: the issue here is the uncaring inertia of the Government of Ireland, combined with the people of Ireland not getting off of their collective arses.

  2. kevinalexander says

    Before life saving medical procedures were invented females like Savita died in horrible agony all the time. It was GOD’S WILL!!

    It’s god who’s the sadist, the church is just doing his will.

    And if they get to enjoy it, it’s just one of the perks of the job. : )

  3. says

    Rick Santorum is a friend of mine and this story is a lie. Abortion is direct and intentional killing. Their son died of natural causes. It is shameful of you to keep spreading this lie.

    As for the case in Ireland, the cause of death was infection from E.Coli which was easily treatable had she not waited until she was already on her deathbed. Abortion does not cure E.Coli infection.

    I suppose it is folly to expect people who demand that children be murdered would agree to stop lying, but I ask you anyway to stop telling these lies.


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