Digital Cuttlefish FanFic?

Erm… Um…*blush*…

And in what I hope is a completely unrelated tidbit, a reader found xir way here yesterday by googling the phrase “What disease makes you rhyme?”

Answer? I don’t know, but if any of you find out, and it turns out there’s a treatment? Keep it to yourself.


  1. Kylie Sturgess says

    Yes, the Bolingbrook Babbler is a skeptic-parody site – I had one concerned person contact me to ask if I’d realised that someone was making fun of me and I said “yes, it’s very comical!”

  2. says

    I’m not going to lie, the first time I saw this article I spent approximately 1.5 seconds being really excited because I thought you actually did poetry readings.

  3. opposablethumbs says

    You look lovely in your photo on the Bolingbrook site ;-)

    You mean, you don’t actually do poetry readings? For shame! It would be a wonderful multisensory experience – you could spell out key words with your chromatophores as you read each poem.

  4. says

    It’s funny, DC. The article refers to you as “he.” As far as I know (although it may have slipped past me), you’ve never referred to your gender. And although I’ve always sort of thought you were a “he” I’ve also made a conscious effort to imagine you being a “she” because I have no rational reason for thinking of you as male.

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