Blasphemy Day, Already?

Seems even more necessary this year. As I wrote before…

Blasphemy Day is important. Not for offending people, but for celebrating the right to speak without fear that such an offense can land you in jail, or worse. Political speech often offends me, but the rough-and-tumble of open political debate is a good thing. When we coddle ideas, we allow bad ones to flourish. Religious speech is, and should be, protected in the same sense that political speech is. This includes religious speech that the listener disagrees with. A day to celebrate this idea? I like it. More after the jump:

Calloo, Callay! It’s blasphemy day!
When we tug on the beard of the prophet;
When we say to the pope, “you’re a miserable dope;
That ex cathedra chair? Just get off it!”
We point out that god is an impotent sod–
If indeed we assume god exists–
Just a vanishing fable, forever unable
To step from mythology’s mists.
Here’s your chance to express what you think of this mess;
If you haven’t before, you should try it!
If you try just one bite, just one blaspheme, you might
Find a welcome new dish for your diet!

The first amendment means, to me,
The right to play at blasphemy;
The right to say “There is no God”
Without the threat of firing squad.
To speak, or sing, or draw, or write
And not be paralyzed with fright.
To mock Jehovah if I wish;
To point and laugh at Jesus fish;
And though the image strikes me weird,
To pluck Mohammed’s silly beard.
To say such things as I may choose
Regardless of opposing views.

About the pow’r of Holy Writ
I proudly do not give a shit.


  1. Gary says

    I offer in homage to the Cuttle this bit of doggerel. Happy Blasphemy Day!

    Nothing makes me want to vomit
    Like that miserable git Mohamet.
    And then there’s Jesus, “son of God,”
    A creepy wingeing zombie fraud.
    Eve and Abraham and Moses,
    It’s all their folk that I opposes.
    I don’t know how I could be ruder
    To those who drone on ‘bout the Buddha.
    The Hindu gods I think I’ll skip –
    They look like my last acid trip.
    The Great Ghost Dance? I really doubt
    That they’ll drive all the honkeys out.
    The pagan and his skyclad arse
    Are one big syncretistic farce.

    Are there any not offended
    Ere this little poem’s ended?
    For you who missed my verse’s crux
    Tl;dr [Your religion] sucks.

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