A Godless Father’s Day

A baby’s smile,
A toddler’s laugh,
A son’s first day at school
A daughter’s look
Of utter joy—
She swam across the pool!

A favorite pet,
A grade-school play
A friend who moves away
A secret crush;
A broken heart;
A perfect summer day

A sleepless night
A welcome dawn
An illness muddled through
A shoulder, wet
With daughter’s tears
(Like I’d know what to do?)

A college grad
Out on his own
How quickly children grow!
What good is life
Without a god?
…I wouldn’t fucking know.

Ok… so, as happens so often, I set my search deally (regular readers, both of them, recall that I have a search deally set to scan the web for stuff I might not find by myself), and found, yet again, a post asking “What’s the point of living if there is no god?” Now, mind you, the site I found was not the person or people asking the question, but the question was there, yet again, for the zillionth time, nonetheless. Now, the University of Missouri Skeptics, Atheists, Secular Humanists, & Agnostics answered the question nicely (and I must admit, the inclusion of strawberry tarts is quite nice), but asking this question on fathers day is just plain wrong.

Cos, you see, there is so much reason to live, when one is a father. If you want more “point of living” than this, you are doing it wrong.


  1. ed says

    What’s the point of living if there is no God?

    Well, that’s deep. As Carl Sagan would say, “why not skip a step, and just ask ‘what’s the point of living’?”

    And now we get the real measure of your worth. Because if you can’t think of reasons to live without a God, then ‘what’s your point’?

  2. mikey says

    Cos, you see, there is so much reason to live, when one is a father.

    Such as watching your son spend his first Fathers Day with your new granddaughter….

  3. martin_z says

    “…such as watching your son spend his first Fathers Day with your new granddaughter…”

    Beautiful. Gives me a buzz just thinking about it.

  4. carpenterman says

    A son and his new daughter… oh, I’m looking forward to that!
    Meanwhile, having your 15-year-old take you out and buy you lunch is pretty good too.

  5. Dave, the Kwisatz Haderach says

    A Godless Father’s Day

    He won’t speak to me
    Until I get over this “atheism thing”.

    Happy father’s day, dad.

    Beautiful work, as always, Cuttlefish. Don’t mind me :P

  6. carpenterman says

    to Dave,the Kwisatz Haderach

    Ouch. I, too, have endured this sort of rift; as the father, not the son. (And for different reasons.) It sucks. That’s all there is to it. It sucks out loud.
    But time brings change. Sometimes things change for the better. Do not abandon hope.

  7. Die Anyway says

    Had a great atheist Father’s Day at the house of our older daughter and her husband, with my younger daughter and her boyfriend in attendance. We love life, we love each other. No religion necessary.

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