Hot To Trotter

Both the Torah and the Bible tell us scientists are right
When they say creation happened only once.
So they clearly are compatible, and never ever fight;
Any moron who thinks differently’s a dunce.

The creation of the universe, all sources now agree,
Came from something that’s outside of time and space,
With the power to create (as any idiot can see),
And we’re pretty sure it had a holy face.

We can say “In the beginning”; we can call it the Big Bang
Scientific or religious points of view;
We can say that life’s first moment was a note the angels sang—
Pretty much, that’s just what science says is true.

If both science and religion say it’s fiction, then it is
There’s no truth there to be found in Harry Potter
But if God should be life’s author, then the narrative is His
And admitting this… is how you win the Trotter.


The Trotter prize is awarded to those who bridge the gap between science and religion; those who overlap the Non-Overlapping Magisteria.

The Trotter Prize is awarded each year to those rare members of the scholarly community who bridge this gap. This year’s recipients — Gerald L. Schroder and Hugh N. Ross — gave their lectures on how they view creation theory and big bang theory as one in the same.
Although they come from different religions, both Schroder and Ross posit the origins of creation in science and religion are complimentary rather than contradictory. The scholars presented their hypothesis on how texts in the Old Testament of the Bible and science prove the same beginnings of the world.

It does appear that their talks were as weak as their conclusions, and that audience members knew it. If you follow the link, the story (I was surprised) even quotes a couple of skeptical audience members.

I could not find whether the prize has a monetary award as well. I want to know, so I can decide whether it is in my tuition-paying interest to start writing Holy Sonnets.


  1. coragyps says

    I think you should write some Holy Sonnets anyway. Just for the hell of it, so to speak.

  2. sailor1031 says

    Oh please! “big bang” is sooooo last century. Haven’t any of these people heard of ‘cyclic universe’, M theory, Multiverse or even the rather outdated ‘inflationary universe’? These guys need to spend more time doing homework and less time goofing off!

  3. Mimmoth says

    Writing an account of the beginning of the universe that is reasonably scientifically accurate yet simple enough for Bronze Age nomads to understand and brief enough to memorize is actually fairly easy.

    It doesn’t look a thing like Genesis, of course.

  4. Pierce R. Butler says

    The Trotter prize is awarded to those who bridge the gap between science and religion…

    That’s trespassing on Templeton territory – is a god-gang war in the offing?

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