Headline Muse, 3/1

Though I’m sure, on the right, they are vexed,
It was certain some state would be next
But the Maryland vote
Keeps the issue afloat
And conservative pinheads perplexed!

Headline: Maryland governor signs same-sex marriage bill

Anyone who has ever planted their towel on the beach at low tide has learned two things: 1) change can come slowly 2) but inexorably.

The tide is moving. Religious conservatives are camped out below the high tide level. They will either change or drown. I’d rather see them change. My uncle was a minister… who left a wife and three children to run off with a priest. I don’t want people like him to drown; I want them to live. But… wouldn’t it have been kinder to have maybe let my aunt in on the whole process?

Seeing the tide… seeing the sea-change… faith communities have a brief window of opportunity. They can ride the tide and embrace the flood… or fight it and be overwhelmed.

Just sayin’.


  1. Rieux says

    Yeaaah… obviously it’s best for the common good if Christian people and churches get on the right side of history, but if the history of American justice movements teaches us anything, it’s that that will simply enable them to take all the credit for the GLBT-rights movement a few spare years after it ends in victory. Who remembers all of the staunch and feisty seculars who initiated and powered (for example) the abolitionist and Civil Rights movements? Christians sure as hell don’t.

    I always have to intentionally turn my mind to the self-hating queer kids being brought up in heavily religious homes every time I read about a religious organization dealing with gay issues—either struggling to recognize gay clergy/marriage/etc. or being blasted by critics for impenetrable homophobia. For my own selfish purposes, I’d prefer that religion in general and Christianity in particular stay on the utterly inhumane to-hell-with-all-the-damn-fags side. It remains an awfully strong argument for apostasy.

  2. Dave, the Kwisatz Haderach says

    Hang on, hang on, hang on…

    There’s a state called Maryland? Really? Even if I could never remember them all on queue, I was kinda sure I would have recognized all the state names. Wow, you learn something new every day. Hunh, good for them.

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