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Took me long enough. I finally had a bit of an epiphany; you see, my extremely cool banner is but one of a total of seven different designs that the good people at Barone Graphics And Design put together. I was going to have an alternating series of banners, like PZ did at ScienceBlogs, but that’s a low priority in the grand scheme of blog network things.

For now, though, I have updated my “banner” tab above, to show the other banners–take a look (click any of them to embiggen)! If you have a favorite, let me know. I have mine as well, but I won’t say just yet.


  1. janeymack says

    I like both of the ones on blue–but I think I like the dark blue one the best. Alternating banners would be great–I loved all of the different ones that P.Z. had (in fact, the one that he ended up choosing was one of my *least* favorites).

    But of course, it is the words that matter; the banners are fun, but just window dressing.

  2. Epinephrine says

    I, too, like the dark blue best. It shows the text most clearly, it brings the ocean to mind, and somewhat fittingly, the cuttlefish does seem to be hiding from me as it pens the verse.

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