Headline Muse, 9/26

Though a snail or a turtle is faster
Congress moved to prevent a disaster
Amidst polling that shows
They have all hit new lows
And the country’s aghast, and aghaster

Headline: Senators reach deal to avert government shutdown
Headline: Gallup poll: Dissatisfaction with government at record levels

“Prevent a disaster”. A bit of a change from preventing disaster relief funding.


  1. Die Anyway says

    It’s not often you see the word ‘aghaster’. Out of curiosity I dropped it into an internet search. Most of the results were people’s names, either real or internet alias. One result was a typo that should have been ‘aghasted’. But there were a couple of times it actually occurred in correct usage, one of which was this very entry from the Digital Cuttlefish blog.

    Our Wonderful Police « The Daily Moaner
    Rother District Council were aghaster than aghast to read an e-mail rec…
    Headline Muse, 9/26 | The Digital Cuttlefish
    … and aghaster. Headline: Senators reach deal to avert government shu…

    As for the government itself, I will repeat my refrain:
    People are no damn good.
    In this case people = politicians.

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