Headline Muse, 9/23

Better cover and duck, just in case
Find a cellar, and crawl in and brace
Cos when this sucker falls
It’ll bust through your walls;
There’s a satellite falling from space

Headline: U.S. is in falling satellite’s potential strike zone, NASA says

Just in case I’m in a crater in a couple of hours…

I love you all.


  1. says

    Every time there’s a tornado in Illinois my sister calls to see if I’m all right. Sis – there’s about 58,000 square miles in my state, and average-sized tornadoes cut a swath about 150 yards wide!

    Except in the movies, meteors always chop through landmark buildings with deadly accuracy. So this may be different. Hope you’re still OK tomorrow! Because if it is going to ironically destroy anyone awesome, you’d be a potential target.

  2. Joan says


    Never dreamed about sky debris falling.
    Satellite stuff? I never thought twice
    Till I heard this loud noise, quite appalling.
    Neighbor’s house had been struck with blue ice.

    It seems that an airplane from Lambert
    May have flushed something they should have not.
    It begins with an “s” and I’m sure you will guess
    That its source was the pit for their pot.

    Now I thought she was totally batty.
    Explanation seemed really a bummer.
    But that huge ice chunk there, really gave me a scare
    And it fell from the sky in dead summer.

    And, as Dave Barry would say. “I’m not just making this up”.

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