Headline Muse, 9/1

Eating burgers, or salads, or soup
Has effects, say researchers who snoop,
They determine the kind
And the number we find,
Of bacteria found in your poop

Headline: What We Eat Shapes Microbe Societies Inside Us

Yeah, I cheated again; it’s not a proper headline but NPR’s health blog, “Shots” (great name). But what a great story. I’m sure my readers already know that there are more cells inside of you that are not yours than that are. More bacteria cells than person cells. And yes, this bacteriological biome acts as an organ, and helps to make you the person you are. And that alone is so very cool. But it turns out that (obvious in hindsight–a phrase intended as a compliment to the authors) what you eat helps to shape what sort of bacteriological population you carry.

Y’know, just click the link and read the story. It’s very worth it.


  1. Die Anyway says

    Interesting article. As I read this part: ‘… so-called “poop transplants,”…’ I couldn’t understand why the unfamiliar phrase “two girls, one cup” ran through my mind.

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