Headline Muse, 8/24

Though the quake was too little to boast
Eastern cities may soon turn to ghosts
Because winds, rain, and tide
Simply won’t be defied
As Irene casts her eye on the coast

Headline:Irene Heads for North Carolina, New England

And gee, that puts the entire BosNyWash megalopolis in a giant bullseye. Be safe, people. Don’t be stupid, and know that other people will be. That’s a lot easier to predict than, say, weather.


  1. Kevin says

    This is actually Yahweh’s response to Rick Perry’s prayer for rain.

    Yahweh, being a god of war and not weather, has notoriously bad aim.

  2. Tim DeLaney says

    Said Rick Perry: “O heavenly father
    If it’s not too much of a bother
    We beseech on our knees
    Give us rain will you please.”
    But God said: “It’s just not my druther.”

    Well, OK, “druther” isn’t a great rhyme. So sue me.

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