Headline Muse 8/18

Both the law and good sense were defied
That it’s bigotry can’t be denied
The distress re: this dress
They address with finesse:
It’s a boycott of Here Comes The Bride

Headline: Store dresses down bride for being a lesbian

Oh, there’s a poll at the article! “Store manager’s actions: do you agree or disagree?”


  1. HP says

    They believe in “free markets”?
    Malarkey! Get off it!
    As any fool knows
    Twice the gowns, twice the profit.

  2. Cuttlefish says

    Twice the profit indeed, HP. And more–there is a stereotype (I won’t pretend to know the reality) of gay wedding planners, designers, decorators, florists, caterers… I would love to see a designer of wedding dresses tell this shop “um, no, sorry, you can’t sell our line.”

    Hey, it could be that I am in the minority here, and the majority of brides would prefer a breeders-only policy from their dress shop.

    But I doubt it.

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