The Dangers Of GM Products

Genetically, of course, a spork
Is half a spoon, and half a fork
A laboratory in New York
Created them, then popped the cork.

Please, gentle reader, do not swoon,
But there was also, once, a foon
(That’s half a fork, and half a spoon)
Created, sadly, all too soon.

In cutlery, one tempts the Fates
When artificially, one mates
Utensils from across the plates
Regardless of recessive traits.

A careless thought: “let’s cross F-1
Again with forks, and have some fun.”
The simple plan was soon begun,
Then all too soon: “What have we done?”

With thirst for blood and killing drives
Such meddling ends in loss of lives
I only hope someone survives
To tell—the sporks have found the knives!

From xkcd, of course. And from the old blog, of course of course.


  1. Freerefill says

    I once saw a titanium spork on

    For a brief, fleeting moment, I felt at peace with the universe.

  2. cuttlefish says

    I have actually purchased titanium sporks. Two different types! For Cuttleson and Cuttledaughter for Cephalopodmas a few years ago.

  3. cuttlefish says

    Fascinating, Bruce! It won’t rule the planet, though, until it can adapt to a gravy-rich environment. I’d suggest making the chork hollow, so it can be used as a straw.

    Patent office? Hello?

  4. Freerefill says

    Why do they call the Chork an “Easy to use three in one utensil” and then, only a few inches away, identify the product as the combination of chopstick and fork? I think someone made a slight math error.

    Also, it’s a silly device. Chopsticks are already a two-pronged fork, if you wish to use them as such.

  5. Emily Post says

    When I go camping, I am never without my full complement of cutlery: spork, foon, knork, knoon, spife, fife, choon, chork, and chife.

    Not to mention the ones that are placed above the plate.

    And that’s just for hot dogs.

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