Beat(less) Poem

image: Texas Heart Institute

There’s a little pump that’s sorta
Attached to my aorta
It plays a major part
But I knew I needed somepin’
For my blood to keep on pumpin’
Like an artificial heart

I knew it was worth tryin’
Cos otherwise I’m dyin’
I needed to restart
Though my blood races quicker
There’s no ticking in my ticker
It’s an artificial heart

For life, I’d face the knife
I know just what to do

You want to try a little something new?

Without a beat? Still sweet!

I can keep the reaper waitin’
My blood is circulatin’
I’m feelin’ mighty smart
Though my pulse won’t be stirrin’
I will hear the gentle whirrin’
Of my artificial heart

Via NPR, a story to warm all three of my cuttlefish hearts–new directions and progress in plumbing! Circulatory plumbing, that is–a new artificial heart, using centrifugal pumps rather than attempting to replicate a beating heart. No pulse–complete flatline–but blood circulates, and I am assured that this is what blood is supposed to do.

As always, the comments are fun; already, the poor poets and songwriters are being pitied. So I thought I’d be the first to jump in and write a bit of non-beat poetry.


  1. Svlad Cjelli says

    I wonder if this reduces overall pumping wear and tear; if the beat has any side-benefit, and how arterial bleeding is altered.

  2. entropy says

    The implications for feeling emotion certainly are weird.Awesome verse, as always.

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