Dear CreationConversations…

Dear CreationConversations, could you help me out a bit?
We’re about to study Science, where in truth I must admit
That my knowledge base is lacking, and I really don’t know shit,
‘Cept the science that my pastor says is true—

Like that evolution’s evil, which already I’d suspected,
Cos if God says we’re created, then that doesn’t mean selected;
If my teacher mentions Darwin, then I want my ears protected,
So I’m looking to the experts—namely, you.

So I hear we might be learning about animals and plants
And a bit on reproduction, where I think that there’s a chance
That I’ll get a funny feeling near the zipper of my pants
And I’m worried that I won’t know what to do!

Can you help me with some answers? Can you help allay my fears?
Can you help me if some science accidently hits my ears?
Cos the they say it doesn’t matter what a Christian student hears—
It’s their Darwinist-Evangelistic view!

If I hear their godless message, there’s a chance I might succumb,
And that violates my first amendment right to still be dumb!
It’s my right to read the bible till my thinking stuff goes numb!
My religion says that learning is taboo!

I’ll await your thoughtful answer with a keen anticipation;
You can see that I’m concerned about my future education—
If you can’t find a solution to this current situation
Then my dream to be a doctor might be through!

So, yeah… according to PZ, CreationConversations is the place to go for advice on how to handle those pesky presentations of evidence for evolution that play havoc with one’s religious world view. I think one or two of my students must have gone there… probably not, but it was fun knowing more about the purpose behind their dog-whistle questions than they themselves knew. Those poor innocent children, naively asking questions they have been fed by utter bullshit artists. But it’s nice to give both the answer to the question and the warning against trusting those bullshit artists again. Two answers where only one was expected!


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    Solution to a Nutty Problem?Dreadful Mabus strikes again.Patience here is wearing thin.Rocket science proves that weCan do great things, you will agree?A zillion times we have appealedAs yet no program has a shieldTo save us from this DM guy.All filters let him slime right by.Perhaps there is no God for usBut DM causes such a fussI’m thinking supernatural powerAllows him to turn comments sour.Psychotic babble leaves me screamin'.I think the "D" might stand for "Demon" He haunts the blogs that I enjoyWith cut and paste his major toy.Alas, I’m quite afraid to mentionHe thrives on negative attentionSo while I’m dissing him right hereHe’s no doubt giving a Bronx cheer.I should have thought of this before.Best to delete and just ignore.

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    P.S. He also makes me so angry that I'm deflected from my original intent, which was to give a big thumbs up to the poignant CreativeConversation's poem. The topic is so sad and so maddening.

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