Nathaniel Jeanson, Stealth Ph. D.

Nate was a Creationist, who hated bugs and blood,
And he wondered, “What’s the perfect job for me?”
He could spread the word of Jesus, the Creation, and the Flood,
If he got a Harvard Medical Degree!

It would give him credibility, and earn him some respect,
And would help him to evangelize, he said.
Since he claimed a higher calling–there were souls he must protect–
It’s ok if his advisors were misled.

His profs expected honesty; they treated him with trust.
Did they mold him to a scientist? They tried…
When he found a contradiction, he would manage as he must;
He just murmured “What would Jesus do?”, and lied.

With degree in hand, and facing competition for a job,
Why, he found a path much easier by far!
“Why bother with competing with the Harvard Med School mob,
I can lie for Jesus, at the I.C.R.!”

Now he’s got a shiny title; he’ll do research, speak, and write,
With his Harvard cred to use and to abuse,
And he’ll make “eternal friends” (a fact which brings him great delight),
While the people who need medicine? … they lose.

Cuttlecap tip to PZ, of course.


  1. says

    In fairness to Jeanson, he might not have lied. Stem cell research is far enough away from evolutionary biology that it's perfectly possible to work on it as a YEC.

  2. says

    Immunologger, are you aware of how weak your evidence for dishonesty is? You're reduced to innuendo.I'm not happy about a creationist getting a PhD in biology, but I'm even less happy at smearing someone just because you don't like their motivation.If Jeanson uses his credentials to present himself as an expert on evolutionary biology, then he will be dishonest. But until then, I'd prefer not to indulge in ad hominem attacks.

  3. immunologger says

    there is nothing i can do if you intend to hold on to your belief that "stem cell research is far enough away from evolutionary biology that it's perfectly possible to work on it as a YEC." (… and presumably not be dishonest.)he has already started using his credentials to present himself as an expert in evolution… more evidence of his dishonesty, one should look at his research funding proposals and the justification for carrying out stem cell research in mice that he has offered in his phd thesis.

  4. Matt M says

    Wow, what a demonstrably accurate article about Dr Jeanson! You were able to divine exactly what he was thinking the whole time almost word for word. I wish I had the ability to read people’s minds like you do. That must be really nice.
    I think you have just demonstrated to the whole that you are undeniably able to look at evidence come to rational conclusions.

  5. Cuttlefish says

    Are you subscribed to comments, chigau?

    The only other explanation is that someone besides me reads through the archives….

  6. chigau (違う) says

    I caught it in the Recent Comments sidebar.
    But I do go through the archives, sometimes.

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