Kiva project update: November 2012

Hey all,

So we got paid this week. In light of the fact that there’s an urgent need for donations in the American Eastern Seaboard and the Caribbean (particularly Haiti), I was thinking of foregoing our usual Kiva donation this round and splitting the funds between those two Red Cross projects. Keep in mind that Kiva is a microloan project, so that money is still circulating around various projects and we can re-loan once things start getting repaid. Essentially we would just be skipping a month.

If I don’t hear any stringent objections in the next 24 hours, I’ll just go ahead.

For the month of October, we made $46.38, and loaned $50.
For the month of November, we made $65.81, and loaned $50.
For the month of December, we made $44.76, and loaned $50.
For the month of January, we made $58.59.
For the month of February, we made $57.33 and loaned $125.
For the month of March, we made $78.68 and loaned $125.
For the month of April, we made $64.62, and loaned $57.50
For the month of May, we made $58.45, and loaned $75.00
For the month of June, we made $55.38.
For the month of July, we made $73.87, and loaned $175.00
For the month of August, we made $112.36.

Total amount loaned so far: $700.00
Total loan funds repaid: $198.34
Charity donations (Red Cross Canada): $50
Fund balance: $121.17

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  1. says

    This is money that the blog is making from traffic. If you want to contribute, keep reading. If you want to contribute MORE, get other people to start reading 😛

  2. Anonymous Atheist says

    Not having heard much about the impact in Haiti, I went looking for articles… Wow, Haiti is seriously f’d up. and comments

    comment from pfutsch:

    Most of what’s wrong with Haiti is fairly common knowledge: The legacy of slavery and the ravages of a dictatorship; irreversible environmental damage due to deforestation (meanig they can’t feed themselves); lack of sanitation; corrupt government; foreign interference; and most threatening – an uncontrollable, spiralling population growth… (see here for details)

    It’s a terrible, heartbreaking tragedy that is unfolding in Haiti, and although this is maybe not an appropriate forum to address such issues, the population and environmental issues in that country are simply not going to improve – at least according to most respected scientific sources.

    Having said that, I will (and do) donate to aid relief for the victims of the storm, but it’s extremely demoralizaing to know that my children will almost certainly be doing exactly the same thing when storms strike the Island in another 30 year’s time.

    Education, contraception, contraception, more contraception, and well-planned, long-term investment and infrastructure renewal. Please.

  3. says

    The Americans will be all fired up about their own disaster and help each other. I suggest that you send your entire donation to Haiti, which will get forgotten in the in the much better documented American event.

    Thank you for doing this.

  4. lirael_abhorsen says

    I just got back from doing Hurricane Sandy relief with Occupy Sandy Relief. I know that I’m a few days late here, but I’m going to suggest that the Red Cross isn’t actually doing a great job in NYC and there may be better places to donate money. I saw one Red Cross truck in two days, in one of the hardest-hit areas of the city. People that I talked to were bewildered about why they hadn’t seen any help from the Red Cross.

    In addition to Occupy Sandy Relief, here are two excellent community groups that you could donate to:

    CAAAV – This Asian-American empowerment organization has been absolutely vital to the recovery efforts in Chinatown, providing translators for other relief organizations, running shelters and distributing resources in the area, and caring for elders in the community.

    Rockaway Youth Task Force – This youth organization, mostly poor high schoolers of color, were digging out their devastated neighborhoods well before other relief efforts showed up, and continue to do so. They are awesome.

  5. says

    As much for your records as for mine (actually more for mine, since I doubt that a) any of you are keeping records of this, and b) any of you are reading this thread ever again), $120 went to Red Cross relief in Haiti.

  6. says

    Aha! Well once again I am undone by technology. But yes, the money was donated a ways back, I just didn’t make note of that anywhere, so I am making sure it’s noted somewhere so I know what’s up the next time we throw money at a problem.

  7. Brownian says

    It is appreciated.

    I’m of the age where those of my friends who are now getting married aren’t in need of toasters, so in the past (unless they’ve specified a preferred NFP) I’ve given to Trees for Life on behalf of the bride and groom.

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