Movie Friday: Edwin Hodge defines white supremacy

If you haven’t yet picked up on it, blog contributor Edwin Hodge is a smart fucking guy. I felt privileged, therefore, to be able to see him speak to the British Columbia Humanists Association last Friday night. Unfortunately I had to duck out early to play a gig, but I managed to grab the first few minutes of his talk. In this snippet, Edwin provides an operational definition for white supremacy:

You can see his whole presentation below the fold, as videotaped by the BCHA. If you’re a humanist in BC, consider lending your voice and support to this active and growing group, under the skilled leadership of Ian Bushfield.

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  1. says

    Thanks for the shout out Ian. Whenever I plan an event I think, WWCD*. Hence, at the end of September, we’re having Sikivu Hutchinson come to town in partnership with the UBC Freethinkers.

    *what would Crommunist do?

  2. James says

    Crommunist… using the F-word as an adjective where the emphasis isn’t required detracts from the message you are trying to convey. Using profanity to spice up your blog post is more of a turn off to your writing than a turn on.
    Just my opionion… You don’t have to take my adivice, as I’m just one mild mannered freethinker/humanist.


  3. mythbri says

    That you start with the mixed greens of an idea, add the cucumbers of opinion and the croutons of confident self-righteousness. To that you sprinkle the feta cheese of citations and the cubed grilled chicken of thoughtful analysis. Next, mix in the sunflower seeds of clever gifs and the jicama slices of funny captions to images, and you have yourself a serviceable salad.

    But come on. We all know that it’s not complete until you add the dressing of “fuck”.

  4. says

    We were sent a link to the YouTube presentation that Edwin did. We really appreciated his message that you don’t deal with racism by ignoring it.

    If you ever have any interest collaborating on any future projects, please feel free to drop us a line.


  5. left0ver1under says

    To paraphrase William Lyon Mackenzie King:

    Profanity where necessary, but not necessarily profanity.

  6. Patricia Kayden says

    Thanks for that video. Watched the entire thing. Having grown up in Canada, never really thought of it as a country with a White supremacism problem. Where I grew up (Mississauga/Brampton) is pretty multicultural.

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