Kiva project update: request for projects

Hey Cromrades, pay day was this week, so we’ve got a hole burning in our Paypal account. Help me spend our money by going to and picking out your favourite project. We have enough cash this round to fund FOUR projects (owing to loan repayments and a really stellar month of March), so let’s get cracking!

By the way, you can check out our donor page here.

For the month of October, we made $46.38, and loaned $50.
For the month of November, we made $65.81, and loaned $50.
For the month of December, we made $44.76, and loaned $50.
For the month of January, we made $58.59.
For the month of February, we made $57.33 and loaned $125.
For the month of March, we made $78.68.

Total amount loaned so far: $275
Total loan funds repaid: $41.49
Fund balance: $108.64

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  1. San Ban says

    Ah, but the food production ones (especially livestock) can pay back enough to allow the family to send the kids to school!

  2. ibbica says

    I know it’s not Kiva, but now seems like as good a time as any to mention these folks to you:

    I just have a bit of a soft spot for them 🙂 They provide secondary school scholarships for girls in Tanzania and Kenya. ‘Extra’ funding (provided by sponsors donating over $500 per year, or by donations less than $500/yr) is used to support local projects “such as the building of hostels, text books for both countries, technical education for girls, Life Skills workshops and Canadian administration expenses. Non-targeted funds are directed to student needs and school expenses in Tanzania and Kenya as they arise.”

    A full scholarship is $500 per year for four years, but of course they’ll accept smaller donations 😉

    Whatever you decide in the end, keep up the good work!

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