That the Duggars are liberal and worldly

And yet, there are people even more horrible than the Duggars – people who consider the Duggars “liberal.” Ahahahahahahaha I know, I know. Suzanne Calulu writes about some at Vyckie’s blog.

by Zsuzanna Anderson from her blog Are They All Yours? – My Thoughts on the Duggars

Editor’s note: Zsu’s solution? Kill all pedophiles. No therapy, no prison time, just execute them. What would Jesus say about that? Zsuzsanna’s husband is Pastor Steven L. Anderson, you know, that nice man that called for all homosexuals to be killed last year so that AIDS would be wiped out.

We have for years held and publicly stated that the Duggars are liberal and worldly, even as they are known for being “fundamentalists”. Maybe their beliefs are, but what they are publicly willing to take a stand for is weak and anemic. Example: Never answering whether or not they spank their children, which they obviously did, while telling the world over and over again about their positive approach of praising good behavior. Deceptive at best.

Oh those wicked liberals, pretending they don’t spank their children. Whereas I, wicked liberal that I am, think the problem is that the Duggars hide how awful they are – not that they hide how godly and righteous they are.


  1. Martin Zeichner says

    I don’t know how it goes these days when a producer pitches reality show ideas to a network but the network probably has to choose from a range of options and has to make a choice that is a balance between shock value, to attract an audience, and something that will be acceptable to sponsors. So whatever is it that you see on the air, you can probably assume that there were much worse choices that the network could have made.

    And that doesn’t even touch upon the choices that the producer rejected when deciding what to pitch.

    It’s a bit like when you’re diving down a highway, thinking that you’re going pretty fast when all of a sudden someone passes you as though you’re standing still. No matter how fast you think you’re going somebody is going faster.

  2. Blanche Quizno says

    What would Jesus say about that?

    “Kill them all – God will know his own”?

  3. Ed says

    I am shuddering and experiencing chills and nausea after reading the Anderson’s material.

    While I agree that blithely accepting a child molestor as reformed because they claim to have “repented”, is foolish and destructive, their solution is monstrous. They would not only execute all child molesters, but by the use of some twisted, truly mind-melting logic, all LGBTQ people! WTF!!??

    Apparently we’re all “Sodomites”, and Sodomites are always associated with violence in the Bible, thus the entire category of people THEY call by this name are by definition a bunch of bisexual rapists(no one in their view is completely gay, for some weird reason).

    Maybe the Bible writers were just condemning actual rapists–or more particularly the ones who raped men as well as women since raping women was a lesser offense (and sometimes completely acceptable) back then according to the ultimate authorities on morality (sarcasm) unless they were married (and then it was an offence against the husband).

    Oddly enough, their concern with protecting children from sexual violence (even if their ideas on how to do are fucking insane) is rooted in modern, not Biblical thought. How come God never thought to put a “don’t have sex with children” or a plain old “dont ever rape anyone”commandment somewhere in there, but remembered to specify the type of beard he preferred his male followers to have?

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