It will be a resounding Yes vote

RTÉ News on the referendum:

The same-sex marriage referendum looks set to be passed by a margin of possibly two to one, according to tallies.

A number of campaigners against the marriage referendum have congratulated the Yes side on its campaign.

The first official constituency result was declared in Sligo-North Leitrim with Yes on 53.57% and No on 46.43%.

In Waterford the result was: Yes with 60.33% and No on 39.67%.

In Wicklow, the result was Yes on 68.37% and No on 31.63%.

The official national result is expected to be announced before 6pm.

Large crowds have been gathering in Dublin Castle to hear the final result, which will be a resounding Yes vote.

Two to one!! That’s amazing!!!

The count in Dublin, RTÉ just said, is 71% yes.



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