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A Catholic girls’ school in Croydon is telling students a bunch of bullshit about what secks will do to them.

Students at a Catholic girls’ school have been warned that sex outside marriage can “destroy their soul” and “make their bodies sick”.

The “warnings” were handed out to 17 and 18-year-olds during a Sixth Form talk at Coloma Convent Girls’ School, in Shirley, Croydon.

Leaflets handed out during a personal, social and health education session (PSHE) warned that condoms and the morning-after pill put people “at risk” and make them “isolated”.

Well it’s like this. Some very puritanical Catholics hate secks and hate girls who do secks and especially hate girls who do secks with pills or condoms. So girls who do secks will be “isolated” from Catholics like that. They will be “at risk” of not having Catholic friends of that type. Oh the horror.

The leaflet, called The Single Catholic’s Guide, was handed out by international Catholic movement Pure In Heart UK who carried out the talk at the school.

Well they don’t mean In Heart, do they. They mean In Cunt. Girls who do secks have dirty filthy impure cunts, which are the impurest things in the universe. An oily swamp full of decomposing frogs and fish is like attar of roses in comparison.

Former pupils at the school have been up in arms as a result of the literature, condemning the school’s “backwards” sex education practices.

The leaflet states: “In fact, many who slept around or had sex outside of marriage have discovered that it was destroying their soul and making their bodies sick. They learnt the hard way that society’s got it wrong.”

Emily Boris, 21, went to Coloma for seven years from 2005 and now studies physics at university.

She can remember being “scared” at school during talks about chastity and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and was told if someone wanted to, they could “regain” their virginity.

It’s nice to see that Emily Boris has escaped. On the other hand, why should she have had a nasty time at school being pressured to hate sex and everything related to it?

The school’s head teacher, Maureen Martin, said she would have the group back and – although she did not agree with some of the more extreme messages – refused to condemn the literature.

She said: “We believe that God loves us all and is merciful. We are on a journey of ups and downs and if we make mistakes along the way then God does not punish us, he forgives us. And we forgive each other.

“We need to meet the needs of the pupils and we have many talks in the Sixth Form that discuss various issues and ideas.”

Thaaaaaaaat makes absolutely no sense. What she is quoted as saying bears no relation to the complaints about the group. What the group says is not about forgiving mistakes – if anything it says god does punish filthy sluts who have sex. And what does meeting the needs of the pupils have to do with letting outside groups telling them inaccurate horror stories about sex?

Martin said the Year 13 girls who took part in the session were old enough to make up their own minds as to the contents of the literature.

So it’s ok to invite outsiders in to tell them a bunch of crap, because they’re old enough to see that it’s crap? But why not just skip the outsiders telling them crap altogether? Faster and cheaper and less gruesome, I would have thought.



  1. says

    Hey, ladies! If they lie like that to you about sex, kinda makes you wonder what else they’re lying about?
    Catholicism: making atheists since the fall of Rome.

  2. Pierce R. Butler says

    Pure in Heart UK makes an interesting acronym, if you pronounce it phonetically.

  3. opposablethumbs says

    It’s a “voluntary aided” school – i.e. not a private school but a state one, albeit one with special status regarding admissions (and probably other things I don’t know about). This means, afaik, that they do have to stick to the national curriculum – which at least on paper includes actual fact-based sex ed. Which they are clearly not doing. Though given the dispensations to get kids out of sex ed (intended for parents, which is wrong too, obviously) it does not surprise me to learn that this place doesn’t provide any proper sex ed at all.
    And another reason why faith schools are a huge problem, and why religion has no place in schools (except in history/politics/etc. lessons). They can and do massively misinform kids who generally tend to assume teachers like other authority figures have at least some idea of what they’re talking about.

  4. Iain Walker says

    This kind of purity -based “morality” is just one step away from honour culture, and in most respects is pretty much indistinguishable. The fact that PHUK isn’t advocating physical punishment or murder for women* who refuse to comply simply reflects their inability to follow their ideas to their logical conclusion, and nothing else.

    *or so I assume.

  5. Al Dente says

    Students at a Catholic girls’ school have been warned that sex outside marriage can “destroy their soul” and “make their bodies sick”.

    I was told the same thing at a Catholic boys’ school ever so many years ago. The professional virgins running the school tried to get us boys to hate the sechs in the approved Catholic manner. It didn’t work for me.

  6. Blanche Quizno says

    Here’s the thing: All these “teen sechs is teh ickfest” indoctrination programs really push marriage as the solution. “You want to have teh abominabull sechs? Get married and boink your brains out!” So the predictable result is early marriage.

    Well, guess what? The best predictor that a marriage will end in divorce is if the happy couple is young – teens/early 20s. Those marriages contracted later, when the couple are in their late 20s (after having time to finish college and get established in their careers), are far more likely to be lasting – and the state of the happy couples’ genitalia (NIB vs used) makes no difference whatsoever.

    People really need to think about what’s important – setting young people up for lasting marriage or divorce. Conservative Christians have the highest divorce rates, to the point that The Nation recently ran an article, “Is Conservative Christianity Bad For Marriage?” http://www.thenation.com/article/178035/conservative-christianity-bad-marriage

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