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    It’s great to see so many people protesting for Raif.

    I am, what is it they say, “becoming radicalized” on the issue of capital punishment – with no small thanks to Saudi Arabia. and Oklahoma’s lethal injection torture, and Texas, and the CIA’s torture chambers. It’s bullshit that those in power hand out such heinous sentences while patting themselves on the back and “moving forward” when they commit their own crimes.

    In Texas last night they killed a retarded man; called “intellectually disabled” in The Guardian (is that a term of art?) Apparently his last words were:

    In his final statement Ladd addressed the sister of his victim by name, telling her he was “really, really sorry”.

    “I really, really hope and pray you don’t have hatred in your heart,” he said, adding that he didn’t think she could have closure but hoped she could find peace. “A revenge death won’t get you anything,” he said.

    Maybe not so intellectually disabled at all. It sounds like the people who killed him were morally disabled.

    A revenge death won’t get you anything.

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